Clothes & decorations

Indian women love to decorate their hair with jasmine flowers (white, orange, yellow), which are woven in a garland. Almost all the Indian women I have seen here have long hair, with the exception of the few visitors from very large cities and several families where men and women, including children, shave their heads. for darshan, be very careful with themselves). Very rarely, the hair is dyed with henna and with women and men. Look especially cool men with red hair and a mustache. Although the Indian mustache and beard are rarer here than the rule.

Most people wear punjabi (men and women), saris (women and rarely men). Scarves on women are mandatory. The women of some “tribes” also wear a scarf on their head, but they are few. In addition, these Indian women are distinguished by their unattractiveness (they are very thin, lean and we do not see the benevolence on their faces), while the others in the total mass are very attractive.

Some men wear a long wrap skirt instead of pants. Some fold it in half lengthwise and the floor is screwed like a belt. This is a kind of mini-skirt. Others wear a long scarf around their necks and women on their chests.

In European clothing, Indians rarely go, especially men. Some girls saw in jeans. How they do not climb into them in such heat is just amazing. And I do not know how they manage to sit on darshans in Turkish. In general, they all like warmth: the men under their shirts always wear a vest. And as soon as the wind blows or the temperature drops briefly to 25 degrees, you can already see knitted jackets and hats on the kids.

Indian women love to wear bracelets, earrings and hairpins. Fashionable earring, strung into the nostril on one side of the nose – a flower or pearl. All jewelry sold is very simple, unpretentious, shiny and bright. If we wear such jewelry, we will have an insipid taste and they will look very organic.

The Indians continue to draw or paste white or red dots and stripes on their foreheads. I did not notice a logical sequence of arrangement: there is a point at the bottom, a band at the top, it is the opposite; sometimes the point is red, the band is white, it is happening on the other side. What they mean, I do not know either.

At the end of my stay in India, I bought another Aladdin cotton trousers . They found a white shirt, but with a long sleeve and a white scarf. Although the shirt with a scarf is pure cotton, it is very warm because of the long sleeves and several layers of the scarf. Kate advised to imagine that I was in a sauna for which you do not even have to pay money!

In general, living for two months at the ashram with bedding proved to be sufficient. I already wanted to distribute all this to people, but it turned out that an Indian took things in metal boxes. As sometimes, everything is wonderfully solved: I bought such a box and I transported him all Indian things, paying for the storage year. Katya said that even if you arrive in two years, things will be safe, you just have to pay extra for a year more.

In the jewelry, I found beautiful rings and a bracelet on the legs. Almost every day I bought jasmine threads and twisted them on a tail or a piece of hair, that’s fine. Twice she did the drawing with henna on her arms and legs (called Mihendi ) – it just looks magical! The truth is quickly and tragically washed away: all the luster is erased in five days … The Qatari, who met us on the plane in Doha during a transplant, saw the Mihendi knowingly asking: “Do we have flew from India? ”

I did not use cosmetics at all for two months in India. Also received almost all women. Dasha and I did makeup only once: when we decided to hold a photo shoot in the garden of the Shanti Library . Dasha complained of suffocating under a supernatural layer and the men immediately began to pay attention to her. But in general, it was fun and soulful: the shots were beautiful.

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