Travel Tips for Egypt

Each country is distinguished by its customs and morals, which require self-respect. That is why, when traveling, you must first at least a little study the laws and rules of conduct of others, so as not to find yourself in a delicate situation, especially if it is an Arab country . A visit to Egypt is a great way to get to know this mysterious culture.

There is a misconception that Egyptian men are powerful and unbridled with regard to the female sex. In turn, Egyptian men think that almost all foreign women are immoral and sexually dissolute. Among the Arabs, the woman is the guardian of the home and the teacher of the children, and the man is the breadwinner and the protector. They have unequal marriages, a man accepts his wife to his family.

In this regard, to rest in Egypt, so as not to attract the undue attention of Egyptian men, it is desirable that tourists simply dress in the city. No mini-skirts, tops, tight-fitting and transparent clothes, not to mention the neckline and loose hair. Loose clothes covering the shoulders and knees would be preferable, it could be a dress, a summer dress, a long skirt and a loose shirt. In public places, when traveling to Egypt, tourists must follow simple dress rules to avoid unwanted harassment from Egyptians. The shoes must be comfortable, without high heels. Men should not wear short shorts. Although in the tourist area, all these restrictions do not apply.

By the way, a decent Egyptian man should not do the following: congratulate you in the shower during the first meeting, invite you to drink something at home, touch and even less climb with kisses. Decent Arabs speak with tourists about religion, marriage and children, work, art, events around the world.

In Egypt, alcohol can only be bought in restaurants and hotels, it is forbidden to drink alcohol in town, and even more to offer residents. The drunken appearance is not welcome because there is a dry law throughout the Egyptian territory.

A visit to Egypt is an opportunity to see another world, completely different people, to make a more unexpected discovery for yourself, to learn a new culture and, of course, to rest completely from all that is familiar and boring.

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