Rest on the Sea of ​​Azov

Sometimes the road to the sea seems very long, but after overcoming it, we feel like flying, like a bird, a cloud or a dream. You can always talk about the special natural properties of the Azov coast. This wonderful country is saturated with tranquility, coastal waves and birdsong. A sunset over the sea will stay in your memory for a long time. That’s why the rest on the Azov Sea in Crimea is so popular among vacationers! The Sea of ​​Azov is a great competition for the seaside resorts of the Black Sea coast, and this is deserved. It is an ideal land for mental and physical recovery, a land of medicinal plants, muddy mud and mineral waters. It should be noted that the very fact of arriving at the Sea of ​​Azov makes it possible to combine health and relaxation procedures.

The coast of the Azov Sea is surrounded by golden sand beaches. The smooth surface of the soft healing sand slowly caresses the waves of the color of the melted milk and the blue of the surf. Once there, a person feels the grace that will allow him to gain strength and energy for a long time. Especially if we take into account the minimum prices in the seaside resorts of the Azov coast, it is undoubtedly wise to choose holidays to the sea of ​​Azov, where there are beautiful beaches and a clean and tender sea, where the water warms in the summer to the temperature of the fresh milk, which is ideal to restore strength and energy.

The serene nature generously endowed with seaside resorts on the Azov coast, so that thousands of people constantly stop their choice in Azov seaside resorts. The area surrounding all Azov resorts is part of the natural recovery area, as there are many boarding schools, sanatoriums and children’s recreation centers right on the sea shore. The essential value of these resorts lies in the therapeutic mud of children. estuaries, which have formed for a long time in the bottom of reservoirs as a result of the vital activity of particular bacteria and chemical processes: mineral salts, organic substances and natural salt solution are part of the mud.

Green humidity and steppe climate, mild sun, clean air, saturated with unique microelements – the combination of all these conditions has served to form the sanatorium and resort infrastructure in this magical region. The basis of the medical and recreational procedures that use all resorts and medical hospitals are unique estuaries and lakes, located at the foot of this warm sea, rich in mineral springs and healing mud.

All that amazes our eyes on the Sea of ​​Azov is a strip of sandy beach, beautiful willows, lush shrubs, low olives, in a word, good emotions are guaranteed. The mildness of the maritime climate, the beauty of the views and the purity of the air have a perfect impact on the health and well-being of travelers. The entire bathing season in the Sea of ​​Azov, from May to the end of September, will appeal to both the elderly and children, as the temperature of the seawater reaches 25-28 degrees. This place is not saturated with resort amenities, perfect for a quiet family vacation.

Holidays in Crimea on the Sea of ​​Azov annually improves its modern resort rating. The abundance of sun, fresh air, the picturesque nature of the steppe, are important elements of the Azov coast.

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