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New experiences

A journey to world discovery

If you’re looking for entertainment and new experiences, there’s nothing better than travel to help you achieve what you’re looking for. When leaving your little comfort zone, you’ll be able to see the world differently. When the weight of repetitive days overwhelms you, think about traveling and you’ll benefit form out of the ordinary experiences. A romantic stay in Venice, a holiday in the Seychelles, a City Tour of Madrid or a Roadtip in the heart of Andalusia, that’s happiness!

Séjour à Venise

Trip to Venice

Séjour en Grèce

Stay in Greece

Séjour à Chypre

Stay in Cyprus

The best travel destinations

Summer Destinations

A list of the best summer destinations (Seychelles, Mauritius, Maldives…) to enjoy the beach and sunbathe while enjoying the beauty of nature, away from the hassle of everyday life.

Winter Destinations

When we talk about winter breaks, we often talk about skiing. Tour the best ski resorts in the Alps to relax and enjoy winter sports to the fullest. Find good plans for a successful vacation.

Trip to Sicily

When you are planning a trip to Italy, and more specifically to the beautiful Sicily, consider visiting Europe’s most active volcano and use our help to guide you through your visit.

Road trip

If you decide to travel to several countries and visit several cities by car, take inspirations from the thousands of itineraries of other travelers to stick to your budget.

Trips not to be missed


Places to visit in Venice

Places to visit: Piazza San Marco and the Basilica, the Ducal Palace, the La Fenice Theatre and the Castello district.

Madrid with a small budget

Are you in Madrid and don’t want to spend too much? Remember to visit the Prado Museum, the Puerta del Sol and the Plaza Mayor.


Romantic stay in Greece

A romantic getaway for couples in Santorini, Chalkidiki or Mykonos, where you can live unforgettable moments.

Camping in Normandy

Discover unforgettable holiday ideas in western France in a Normandy campsite with direct access to the sea.


Memories / Photo Albums

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The keys to a successful journey

Vaccins Voyage

Travel Vaccines

Some epidemics pose a potential danger to travelers, hence the importance of knowing what vaccinations to have before leaving for an aborad trip.

Valise de voyage

Travel suitcase

There are several criteria to consider when buying your suitcase before traveling by plane: size, type (flexible, rigid), weight and quality.

Choisir son hébergement

Your accommodation

Reduce costs while maintaining a minimum of comfort. There will be a wide choice of holiday hotels, but opting for a rental can be helpful.

Voyager avec un bébé

Traveling with a baby

When traveling by plane with your baby, think of the papers you will need, health insurance, vaccines and your baby’s main accessories to put in your purse.


You have decided to visit the every corner of a country or region, you can choose between several means of transport:
cycling, motorcycling, car rental or public transport provided
by a transport company.