A water tour will help overcome depression

The life of a modern person is full of stressful situations. Depression is the normal state of each of us. Why is it so bad with us? The century of speed and technical discoveries has completely cornered us. We strive to acquire new items, we want to live well and fashionable. For that, we have to work from morning till night, not to sleep enough, even to eat normally, or we can do it on the move, in the dry food or replace products of superior quality. which are prepared in a few minutes. On sports and simple walks to talk already not at all. It is not surprising that a person who lives at such a pace sooner or later begins to experience nervous breakdowns, prolonged depression, chronic fatigue. And then, problems can become much more dangerous for health – hypertension, ischemia, heart attack, stroke.

To avoid all this, you must always relax completely. It’s not just a night dream, but also days off and vacations. Avoid lying in front of the TV on the couch, it is better to go on an excursion in the water. Agree that you have a good time in a picturesque spot, on the edge of a simple or fast mountain river, while rafting, in the evening sitting by the fire, eating a freshly prepared fish soup and singing guitars. In such places, the air is particularly filled with phytoncids and negative ions, which help to improve the health of the body, and a change of occupation helps the nervous system to relax.

Of course, after every hard day of work, you can not go on a water excursion. The footbaths will help relieve tension and defeat the depressive state. Herbs, aromatic oils, sea salt can be added to these devices and immersed in their charming aroma, forgetting the bad thoughts. But still, as much as possible, get out of nature.

What should you do while on a water trip? Of course, a boat, or if you want raft on a simple river, whose waters are not fast, make a good raft. Take warm clothes to replace, the cases are different, sometimes you have to swim with equipment in the water. All this is not worth watering, put it in airtight bags. Do not take axes and saws, they will add a lot of weight, it is better to take a gas burner and a special gas cylinder for cooking. You can heat the water in minutes and warm up with tea while everything else is cooked. A fire can be diluted from undergrowth, for a feeling of romance. Remember that active rest helps cope with stress. Instead of a sofa and a TV, go for a boat trip.

Choose a tent : the tents are different …
On the way: a bonfire, gas or gas ?