Apartments for rent in Moscow

You remember of course the movies of the 80s, where there were always pictures of chocolates and boxes of chocolates, as well as bills in the passport of the girls who distribute places in hotels. Times have changed, hotels now invite guests who prefer to spend a day or two in the comfort of a residential apartment.

There is a separate branch of real estate agent services – apartments for rent in Moscow. At the same time, every truly intelligent specialist has completely different apartment addresses – from economy class to presentable apartments, where Sheikh is not ashamed to invite, as it were, a five-star apartment.

Let’s talk about each of the possible types of apartments for rent by the day. Let’s start with the inexpensive ones. They are intended for unpretentious tourists who want to cover themselves exclusively at night, as well as those who are accustomed to live simply, even ascetic. In any case, such an apartment will be clean, with fresh wallpaper, the necessary furniture (maybe not specially selected for style – no fat!), A minimum of appliances (including a washing machine ), as well as the dishes.

The second category is standard. We compare these apartments with the category of “three stars”. Differences from the economical version: a large area, increased equipment, cosmetic repairs, a complete set of furniture.

If you are applying for a “4 star”, you are satisfied with the business class. Here, you will be offered a renovation, a new furniture set, selected according to the design of the apartment, there may be a separate room that can be used for a business meeting “without ties”, of course, a computer and Internet access, parking.

By the design of luxury apartments certainly has one of the famous designers. The “Five Star Cloister” is located in the center of Moscow and overlooks famous monuments or temples. If we talk about technology, we will provide you with air conditioning, a dishwasher, satellite TV. The entrance must be equipped with video surveillance. 24-hour security is required.

The capital is worth watching from the window of a beautiful apartment, even photographed for an hour, at least for a year !

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