Digital camera : make the right choice

Every tourist wants to capture the best moments of their trip or stay to preserve the memory of events and to show their loved ones and their acquaintances.

Currently, it is not necessary to use film cameras, so you can exclude this type of photographic equipment options considered. In addition, we will not consider DSLR cameras, as most tourists prefer the “digital soap dish” because of its small size, affordability, ease of use and low weight.

The choice of “digital soap dish” is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. Despite the large selection of models and the big difference in price, the “soap boxes” do not differ much from each other. Typically, they have a matrix (a photosensitive element that replaces the film in a digital camera) of small size (1 / 2.5 inches). High quality shots on such cameras are only possible with good lighting.

Today, manufacturers are attracting buyers with a high resolution megapixel matrix (often more than 10 megapixels), digital zoom, high matrix sensitivity and other tricks. The actual features have nothing to do with advertised. The optical resolution of the lens is often significantly less than the resolution of the matrix; with the declared sensitivity, the noise level exceeds the allowed limits, making it almost impossible to shoot in low light conditions. Digital zoom has no practical value.

So, how to make the right choice and not to fall for manufacturers and sellers:

  • Choose a camera with a matrix of the maximum possible size;
  • Prefer the size of the matrix rather than “megapixels”;
  • Never buy a soap box at the price of a DSLR or more;
  • It is advisable to do test tests and compare the quality on the computer;
  • All other things being equal, choose renowned manufacturers.

Moreover, for the traveler, it counts:

  • The ability to use standard AA batteries,
  • Dust and raincoat,
  • Small size and weight.

Unfortunately, the list of specific models makes no sense because there is something new almost every week. Nevertheless, I hope that the recommendations in the article will help you choose the right digital camera that will serve you “faithfully and for a long time” and will help you remember the best moments of your trip.

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