Diving in the Red Sea

Nobody knows exactly why the Red Sea is so called. It is possible that such a name has been attributed to algae which, during its seasonal growth, give the azure water a red-brown color. Because the Red Sea is characterized by a variety of corals and aquatic inhabitants. More than 250 species of corals, more than a thousand species of fish – not quite the list, this can surprise diving enthusiasts. None of the rivers flows into the Red Sea. Due to the absence of silt, it is characterized by exceptional purity.

The universal term of diving – “diving” refers to all types of underwater sports and outdoor activities.

Snorkeling is a simpler form of diving that involves swimming with a mask and diving on the surface of the water. It is ideal for beginners who are not ready for a deep dive.

There is no better place for diving and snorkeling than the Red Sea.

Its main characteristic is that diving in the Red Sea is unique and inimitable. In the Red Sea, novice and experienced divers can easily satisfy their interest. Even those who saw the view will be satisfied with underwater currents for “flights”, reef walls, sunken ships and coral gardens.

The best place for diving, not only in Egypt, but also around the world, is the coastal area of ​​the Sharm el-Sheikh region, south of the Sinai Peninsula. On this strip, the most beautiful dive sites are located near the shore. From Sharm el-Sheikh to Nabq, there are more than 120 diving clubs.

From Naama to Sharm el Sheikh lies a delightful diving coast with gardens and coral walls. The special beauty of the coral reefs: Ras Katy, Ras Umm Sid, Castle, Paradise, Fiasco has made this site a favorite spot for underwater photographers. Many impressions are created, for example, by the Ras Umm Sid reef. This large wall of coral, densely covered with gorgonians, leaves no one indifferent. Manta, tuna, devil, glass plush, green turtles, sharks are often found among the inhabitants of aquatic environments.

For divers who dream of finding treasures at the bottom of the sea or something else – the pleasure of river diving. The Red Sea is the best place for lovers of travel among sunken ships and their debris, which is found here in large numbers. It is from them that divers plan to extract something extraordinary: an old amphora, a chest with gold coins or jewels made of precious metals.

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