East Timor

East Timor is a country that occupies part of the island of the same name in the Indonesian archipelago. Its capital, Dili, suffered greatly from the armed conflict with troops from neighboring Indonesia in 1999. So far, many buildings, especially in the central streets, are marked by bullet marks.

Dili was built by the Portuguese, owners of the island for many years. The characteristic features of Portuguese architecture are preserved: smooth roads, lined with villas and high fences. The huge garrison building of the sixteenth century recalls the era of Portuguese rule. There are many churches in this Catholic city. At the top of the cliff, Fatukama is a massive statue of Jesus Christ, reminiscent of a monument in Rio de Janeiro.

There are several good beaches in the city, the most popular being the Cape dive site. From the coast, the beautiful island of Atauro is clearly visible – once a popular holiday destination for citizens. Now, there is no longer a transport link with the island, and it is not possible to get there.

One hour from the city lies the town of Likvika, whose beaches are famous for their black sand. It was here that in 1999 began the first armed clashes with the police and the army, which eventually led to a major conflict.

Bikeke, south of the island’s second-largest city, offers a beautiful coastline on the purest water’s edge. This place can only be reached during the dry season: during the rainy season, it is practically inaccessible.

On the territory of West Timor, belonging to Indonesia, is Ouxi – an isolated part of East Timor. This city was the first Portuguese colony on the island. 5 km to the west lies the Lifau colony, in which a memorial panel was placed in honor of the Portuguese landing on the island. It also has a clean and comfortable beach.

The previously popular tourist destination – the Portuguese fortress Fatusuba – is located south of Oecussi. There are often historical and religious holidays. From the shore at this place a beautiful view of the setting sun.

On a journey from the capital of Dili to the coast, you can stop in the old cities – Ermera and Mubissa. Ermere has been growing excellent coffee for several decades. In Mubissa, the former seat of government, open to the public, has survived

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