Features of winter holidays with children

New Year’s holidays are fast approaching and many people want to go on a trip with their babies. So that such a rest does not become a real nightmare, you must follow several rules, we will talk about it now. If your child is not yet one year old, avoid traveling, especially abroad. These crumbs do not tolerate flights and transfers, jet lag. But children, aged three and up, can behave well on the road, the main thing is to take something with them, so as not to hear the following phrases: “Mom, I’m tired”, “Papa well, when we come “,” I want to home! Take your favorite toys and color on the road, Tetris, chess and books will be perfect for older guys. Do not forget to communicate more often with the child, to tell him incredible stories, to distract you from the road.

Bring with you the necessary first aid kit, put bandages, antiseptics, iodine, bright green, plaster and necessary medications if your baby has particular health problems, such as asthma, hypertension, diabetes. It is important to pay attention to the child’s nutrition, do not take perishable products with you, it is better to put the cookies in the bag, but not too sweet, better cracker, non-carbonated mineral water, apples.

In ski resorts, children may be deprived of oxygen. You can also bring them to the cafe and give them an oxygen cocktail. If you drink it regularly, you can fully replenish the healing gas reserves, which means there will be no breathing problems (in any case, the cocktail makers claim it).

Despite the fact that in these resorts, it is relatively hot, do not forget the precautionary measures, take with you on the road a cream specially designed for children, which will protect your baby’s skin from frostbite. And conversely, when you travel in hot seas, you need cosmetics to protect you from sunburn.

Make sure to check in advance at the hotel where you wish to stay, if all conditions are right for the children. In many hotels for children, there is no bed available, it must be said, it is not very comfortable to sleep on a small bed with a daughter or a son of six, for example. It would be nice if the hotel has a children’s room where children can do anything that interests them, under the close supervision of a caregiver. So you can go away for a few hours, but it is not worthwhile to keep the child for a long time, you could ruin all the baby’s holidays.

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