Fourth Day Houston Road to New Orleans

And it’s not so scary to travel by bus. Probably lucky that I ride in the second bus. I arrived at the station in advance, but it is absolutely impossible to know what comes from where and where it’s going. More specifically, every ten minutes, a woman behind the desk announced mysterious information about outings and cities, but that did not help me much. A line of people crosses the station building, where new people get up and get up. But what awaits this queue is quite incomprehensible. Finally, hearing the familiar combination of “New Orleans”, flew to the bar and asked the woman what was the exit. It turned out that the whole queue was there (specifically, who where – until New Orleans had many more stops). Honestly has survived this very line. And two people before me, the seats on the bus ran out. I did not have time to be sad because it turned out they would give us another bus. Which was wonderful because there were not many people and everyone could sit alone. Because it was comfortable, comfortable and good.

I appreciated how easy it was for me with my knowledge of English in this country than for a pretty Mexican girl sitting on the other side of the aisle and not knowing a word in English. She treated her with biscuits and remembered all the words she knew in Spanish. It’s warm to the heart. An elderly negro helped lift a backpack and asked me if I was German. Probably, the Russian and German accents are similar. Many different cities, interesting places, beautiful landscapes are passed. Great to go in the afternoon. I had never seen a road among swamps and marshes – there are many in Louisiana. When the whole road rests on high pillars in the middle of the water. A fascinating spectacle, especially at sunset.

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