How not to ruin your trip ?

In the rest of the subject "4 common myths that every traveler needs to know", I will try to enumerate several principles, while respecting which, the chances of spoiling the impressions of travel are considerably reduced. 1. Do not go on a trip, even short, without careful planning and preparation. Planning will not save you from all the problems, but you will feel more confident knowing that you are prepared. 2. Remember that "everything that exists is for the best", so take any natural changes to the plan. You can never know what's wrong, as expected: the aiming screens can close exactly the day you go to inspect them; And so on 3. Do not take things too expensive for yourself, as losing them can disturb your rest. Remember that during the trip, unforeseen events may occur, for example, you may be stolen. 4. Never give alms even to children "for bread" and try not to "shine" money. This is especially true of poor countries. By giving a little money, or even just a symbolic gift to a beggar, you risk being surrounded by a crowd of the same people who have emerged from nowhere. As for money, they can easily be stolen or taken away. 5. Try not to get too close to local populations of cultures that you do not understand or that you do not have a superficial idea, imitating their traditions and adopting elements of their culture. You can inadvertently offend people or yourself in their world view, which can have unforeseeable consequences. 6. Do not stay too long in a country, city or place. After a while, you may have a negative opinion of the inhabitants, the culture, the city, which will then be fixed as an impression of the trip. 7. Always keep your distance between the inhabitants of poor countries, because they can only perceive you as a "White Master with money", but not equal with themselves. Keep this in mind when contacting residents of India, African countries, etc. country. 8. If your trip requires travel equipment, purchase and carry only high quality items with you. Poor quality equipment can cost you in nerves (torn backpack) or even in life (climbing gear). 9. Always follow all the bureaucratic formalities. Never travel to closed areas without a permit and do not cross the border without a visa or illegally (if you are not extreme, of course). A little time spent behind bars or deported will completely spoil all emotions and positive impressions of the trip. 10. Always keep a reserve of money in an inaccessible place, so that if something happens, be able to finish the trip or at least go home.
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