How to rent a good cottage ?

What to watch if you want to rent a beautiful cottage ?

The celebration of country holidays has become popular and the number of cottage rental proposals has begun to grow exponentially. But often, the house, which looked so beautiful on professional photos on the site, turns out to be several times smaller, without heating and with saggy beds. What should you watch out for if you want to rent a cottage and not ruin your vacation?

Pictures and comments of those who have already rested in this chalet

Do not trust the pictures on the official website, especially if they are really beautiful. Remember, a professional camera and Photoshop do wonders! Try to find the comments of those who have already spent the holidays at the base of your choice and see real photos. Maybe they will surprise you greatly!

What is included in the price ?

Each of us wants to find something better and cheaper. But miracles do not happen and, therefore, if you see a cottage of your dream really comfortable and fit, and its price is below the market average, you have to be wary. The first question to ask a consultant is: what is included in the price? Often, the price does not include bed linen, use of the sauna and pool located in this cottage, nor other services that you hoped for. Beware, the low price is always due to something, businessmen do not hurt themselves.

Location of the base

Of course, those who will go to the cottage by public transport, the choice is small. Therefore, we turn to the drivers. Where do you think you will go faster: at the cottage 70 km. from the city or 170 km.? The answer is simple: according to the direction!

Say, the road to the popular among holidaymakers Losevo with its rapids and rafting 70 km long. can take you more than 2 hours. How can this be? It’s very simple: the road is winding and narrow – one lane in each direction. Friday traffic jams, traffic jams, tractors and wagons – and now you’ve spent all your time with everything you could and you were extremely tired of driving. Yes, we returned ourselves from Losevo – the road to the city took an hour and a half Sunday morning, although we ‘rushed’ as best as we could. And on the other side, for example, the Murmansk highway. Absolutely right, wide track with a single tight bend. 200 kilometers fly at a speed of 130 per hour, which is only an hour and a half – and you’re already far from civilization, where the real nature, not the suburbs, uses the same exhaust.

Be careful, the distance is misleading! And do not forget the road repairs that our builders love so much.

These are the three main points that will allow you to choose a suitable cottage to celebrate holidays or just relax with friends. But remember, if you have the opportunity and you certainly want a hundred percent confidence in the service you pay, do not be lazy and go to the base in advance. You can spend a few more hours, but unpleasant surprises and unsuccessful holidays will surely not bother you!

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