Improvement of the bronchopulmonary system

When patients with bronchopulmonary diseases go through an exacerbation phase, a period of remission begins, referring physicians recommend continuing treatment in resorts and sanatoriums. Today, there are many medical institutions of this type. Everyone can choose a place to relax and strengthen their health. In pulmonary sanatoria, they treat bronchitis, laryngitis, asthma and also stimulate the condition of patients after surgery on the lungs and bronchi. The reference to a sanatorium is usually prescribed by a doctor. Here, patients perform a treatment according to the indications. And if at home most patients could afford inhalation therapy using a nebulizer, now at their services modern equipment designed to significantly improve the well-being of each person.

How to choose a sanatorium, inform the doctor. Some sanatoriums are located on the coast of the sea, others – in the highlands. There are also motels of plain or forest. When choosing a medical facility, you need to assess how much each patient tolerates climate change. Sometimes acclimation is quite difficult and can lead to side effects. In this case, it is better to choose a sanatorium located in the area where the person lives.

To familiarize yourself with the spa treatment features, you will need to pay close attention to the complexity of the procedures provided. Virtually all pulmonary sanatoria necessarily include inhalation treatment methods. For these procedures, each sanatorium has a compressor-nebulizer, whose capacity is filled with special compounds for the treatment and prevention of chronic rhinitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis and other diseases.

We can recommend you to go for treatment at the “Pine Forest” sanatorium near Moscow or the “Krutushka” sanatorium near Kazan. The sanatorium “Slavutych” of Alushta and Stavropol “Dawn of Stavropol” are also popular. The great professionalism of the medical staff and pleasant and comfortable living conditions, comfort and convenience, excellent food, constitute a peculiarity of these similar medical institutions. An entertainment program is also offered: games evenings, movies, concerts, guided tours. Without a doubt, after being in one of these sanatoriums, you can rest and be in better health.

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