Jaipur : the pink city of India

Jaipur is one of the most interesting places in India. It was founded in 1727 and was immediately proclaimed the capital of India’s largest state – Rajasthan. Jaipur is very easy to recognize in the photos because of the unique color of the buildings … According to the history of 1876, before the arrival of the Prince of Wales, he had been ordered to paint all the buildings in pink, thus testifying the kindness and hospitality of the local people. Since then, Jaipur has received his second name – “Pink City”. Jaipur is very popular among exotic lovers, new experiences and excursions to majestic palaces … Most of Jaipur’s attractions are gathered inside the walls of the city.

The main attractions of the city are mainly associated with unmatched masterpieces of ancient Indian architecture.

The city’s palace complex is the city’s main attraction, a veritable architectural marvel that combines unique buildings with marble sculptures and chic halls, picturesque gardens resembling English parks, extraordinary courtyards pink stone … now there are museums. For example, in one of the complex’s buildings, in Mubarak Mahal, there is a museum of fabrics, musical instruments and costumes. Sileh Khan has a collection of gold ceremonial weapons, made of diamonds. The Maharaja’s personal library is also located in the palace, where rare manuscripts are kept.

The landmark of Jaipur is another building of the palace, the Palace of the Winds, built in 1799. Of course, the building is in pink sandstone. The entire building is decorated with elegant ornaments and columns, so the palace looks more like a jewelry box.

No less exciting will be an excursion to the Amber Palace. At first glance, the menacing look of the walls is a little scary, but it is these walls that hide the real treasure for those who appreciate art. The palace walls are decorated with precious stones, extraordinary mirrors and a well-preserved mural depicting scenes of war. The amber consists of a courtyard “Dzhaleb Chowk” – there are souvenir shops and workshops, the temple of Sheela Devi, etc. In general, after wandering through the territory, you can find many interesting places. By the way, if you’re not tired of walking on the Amber Palace territory, it’s worth walking a little further to Fort Jigar, because there is something to see here. Not to be missed: the world’s largest cannon, the surviving observation towers and the strong survivor Nahagarh, offering an extraordinarily beautiful view of Man Sagar Lake.

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