Metal detectors in the treasure hunt service

History repeats itself, it is cyclical and natural in its manifestations. It is important not only to preserve its facets, its colors, its unique moments, but also the cultural elements that characterize it at certain times. It is no coincidence that the human soul extends to its origins, to the past, to the ethnological foundation against which it exists, which explains the passion of the contemporaries for research and archeology.

Metal detectors are used to search for relics, history artifacts, antiques and unusual objects. The heart of the mechanism of these devices is the coil, which creates an electromagnetic field in a particular environment (earth, wood, stone, man, water). On the surface of metal objects that fall into the electromagnetic field area, eddy currents with similar fields are created. As a result, the researcher receives a signal regarding the location of the object. Thus the foundations of physics have become the key to the dialogue between history and man. If not, how to find amazing and rare objects of the past without the help of a metal detector? Only by digging at random …

What should I watch out for if metal detectors in a specialty store are all considered one good and are not very similar? First of all, it should be noted that these devices are divided into two categories: amateur and professional, as well as unpaved, deep, underwater, universal. Their ranking is determined by the various professional motivations of the applicants, their needs and their objectives. The depth of detection of objects is an important factor that is fundamental in any metal detector model and for any type of research. Although 90% of discoveries are at hand – deep within the bayonet, the largest trophies of research lie in the deepest layers of the soil. Thus, the classic setting of the search depth of 100 cm is not the limit. Then you should pay attention to the weight of the device, quality discriminator. These settings make work much easier and allow you to move more comfortably and resolutely toward the result.

Good metal detectors will have a compact and reliable design, easy navigation and disagreement of electrical disturbances. Such devices are worthy of attention, both for beginners and professionals.

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