Montreal, Canada – Paris of North America

Montreal is one of the oldest cities in Canada and is also known as the “Paris of North America”. This name is due to the fact that the first settlers who founded this city were the French. Unsurprisingly, for the majority of the local population, French is their mother tongue and, after Paris, Montreal ranks second in the world for the number of Francophones. This city has preserved many historical monuments of antiquity and its historic center is intertwined with a network of narrow streets. The houses on these cobblestone streets are decorated with colonnades and beautiful stuccoes. Crossing them, you dive into the modern center of the city, dominated by the grandeur of glass and concrete, which is reflected in multi-storey shopping centers, banks and large corporations.

This city loves tourists, it has something to show, so choosing hotels in Montreal is not difficult at all. Each visitor can choose an appropriate hotel based on the number of stars and its location and continue to explore local sites, very difficult to describe in words, just see them. Most often, it is advisable to get to know the city from one of Montreal’s most famous bridges – the Jacques Cartier Bridge. It is also worth paying attention to the old town hall and the remains of the old stone walls resting behind, to see the column in honor of Admiral Nelson, visit the Royal Square of Arts on which is erected a monument memorial to its founder, Paul Mezonnev.

The parks of La Fontaine and Dominion, the courthouse, Saint Joseph’s Chapel and St. Patrick’s Cathedral will leave a special impression. And after resting in a hotel room in Montreal, continue to familiarize yourself with Ramsey Castle, now home to the Historical Museum, visit the Meredith House, rightly considered the pearl of palace architecture . This city has many neighborhoods that deserve the attention of tourists. Boulevard Saint-Joseph is considered the most beautiful street. The Saint-Viterre church with its astonishing facade and the Academy of Fine Arts are also interesting. The kidnapping will cause the inside of the church in Vizitason in the So-o-Rekol district. It is possible to list the sights of Montreal for a long time, but, as they say, it is better to see it at least once and have a lot of impressions for a long time.

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