Rest and improvement of the cardiovascular system

If you look around your apartment with a critical eye, you’ll find scattered packs of pills, medicine vials, old-fashioned medicine recipes, semi-automatic tonometers, lifestyle magazines healthy, and your stuff is impregnated with the smell of the hospital. Do you say: “Stop!” How long can you go to an appointment with a therapist and a cardiologist? How much can you watch the tonometer monitor with trepidation, waiting for the numbers as a sentence? How much can you put a cross on yourself? It’s time to change something.

Admit it, you already know everything a doctor can tell you – he has been watching you for many years. It’s time to try to do something yourself. For example, spending the summer holidays without sweating at the dacha by weeding the beds, which leads me to a new crisis in the state, but taking a vacation for your own good. No, you should not go to Turkey’s hot coast: fluctuations in temperature and climate change will only have a negative impact on your health if you have cardiovascular problems. But you can get a decent sanatorium in your country, where you will be happy to receive qualified staff who will offer you a wide range of procedures that will improve your condition.

Of course, the cost of a sanatorium voucher can not be described as low: it will cost an average of 2,000 to 3,500 rubles a day for one person. This price will include accommodation in rooms of different types, up to the level of luxury, a treatment prescribed by the attending physician, including a complete preliminary examination and an ultrasound, daily visits to the pool, a special diet, mineral water.

Among the wellness procedures for vacationers suffering from cardiovascular diseases, healing souls are particularly popular: circular and Charcot, whirlpools for the extremities, massage under the shower under shower, galvanizing, medical electrophoresis, phonophoresis of drugs, electroscope , laser therapy, magnetic therapy, magnetic vortex field training and even autogenous.

Of course, the effect is not instantaneous and you may not feel it immediately. But one thing is certain: you have nothing to lose! You will always have the time to take your pills to view blood pressure monitors, prescriptions and medication instructions. And the money spent is more than reimbursed if your grateful heart will work smoothly throughout the winter and will not disturb your master.

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