The delights of Venice

Venice is an indescribable and unique city located on the water. Almost everyone on this planet has probably heard of this city. Old squares and bridges, exquisite churches and palaces, Venetian carnivals, and romantic walks on the gondolas draw the attention of all the inhabitants of the Earth. The city of Venice is a port city located on the Adriatic Sea. In this area you will not see the usual buses and cars. Public transport is boats and gondolas (long boats). If tourists come here with a personal car, it is left in the car park, outside the old town. Therefore, it is best to travel to these cities by plane, pre-ordering airline tickets. Every sculpture, every stone and every building in Venice is an architectural monument of great value. This city is so beautiful and harmonious that it's not even with whom to compare. The main place to visit is the city's main square, San Mark. This is where the famous Doge's Palace, built in the 14-15th century in the Gothic style, is located. Not far from the palace is St. Mark's Cathedral, which is decorated with many mosaics. This cathedral contains many valuable works of art, as well as the relics of the Apostle Marc. In Venice, there are more than four hundred bridges, which pass through many channels and straits. The oldest and most famous bridge is the Rialto Bridge, which crosses the Grand Canal. Other bridges can not be considered less interesting - they are also associated with long-standing events and legends. In short, each bridge is unique and amazing in its own way. Every year, thousands and thousands of tourists from all over the world come to Venice to attend the famous carnival of Venice. Various comedy shows are held in the city's main square, which eventually turns into a brilliant carnival procession. So, as we see, in a city like Venice, there is no time to lose. Here, every tourist will find something to do. In short, if you have not experienced the Venetian spirit about yourself, you have lost a lot, because such magnificence, because there you can hardly find anywhere else.
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