The Entrance

To begin, I retired from a particular auditing firm and an audit in general. She left one day with a terrible scandal, burning with anger and hatred. The second side was burning too. And also the same. And she wickedly smiled at her mustache, predicting how I would ask for work two months later, and she, the second party, would patronize me, lowering wages by 30%. But that should not happen for a long time, but apparently I could not decide. In this case, the future seemed to me a fog, since I had only one job, education was also a fog, and I have worked all my adult life in the field of auditing.

In any case, it happened and I was happy.

Shortly after, in the evening before going to bed, I had a glimpse of going to the Ashram. I had no idea what an ashram was, and so far this word could only be heard a few times. The next day, I searched the Internet and found a description of Sai Baba’s ashram, where on July 8, a group was flying from Moscow. In the travel agency, I was told that the group was not meeting. The trip is canceled, but a woman from Moscow goes there anyway. I was kindly informed of his e-mail address, I wrote to him and we agreed to fly together. This woman turned out to be Lena, 39 years old.

For a week, I sent all the necessary documents to obtain a visa for Moscow, bought tickets, read all the information about the ashram on the Internet and bought the necessary items for the trip.

We met Lena in Moscow and one day later we flew to Doha, Qatar, and then to Bangalore, India. The aircraft are pleasantly struck by the friendly and very attentive attitude of the flight attendants, the control screens mounted behind the front seats and the opportunity to watch and listen to headphones, movies, music, as well as the fact that the pilots of Qatar airlines on board our aircraft were Russian. They may have lived in Russia and worked for Qatari Airlines. They may have been immigrants, but I remember that I felt proud of the Russian specialists who are sought abroad for such serious matters as the management of aircraft.

The flight to Doha took five hours. In Doha, it was about 42 degrees heat, there was freezing, but everywhere, fixed air conditioners were saved.

Our flight was late, but we were passengers in transit and I knew that in any case, we would wait for a transfer for the next plane. Lena, meanwhile, was extremely anxious, rushed and nervous. As I expected, we were perfectly seated on the plane, but we were in his tail. We flew to Bangalore for about three hours. When we landed at the airport, I was hit by the needles of the local surveillance, which was an hour and a half ahead of me. I decided that my watch had just stopped. Later, I discovered that in Bangalore, the difference with Moscow was “less” an hour and a half, and Novosibirsk, with “more” an hour and a half, whereas I always thought that time does not could differ from a few hours.

The clearance procedure in Bangalore was quite long, or rather the queue of official representatives was long. After crossing the customs safely, we exchanged money and found a taxi driver carrying the appropriate sign. A taxi kindly hired us by the same guide who was supposed to take an unrecanked group from Moscow to an ashram.

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