The pleasures of Ashram of Sai Baba

During our stay at the ashram, we went several times to the pool, which was built not so long ago – about two years ago. But still in his neighborhood, right next to the pool is being built: a house is under construction, maybe a hotel. There is an ashram pool, probably about 10-13 minutes by autorickshaw , at the end of a strange kind of plantation, much like a park or an abandoned garden. On the other hand, there is a local school, as you can see children, running wildly with screams.

There are few people in the pool. This is mainly due to the culture of the Indians, who consider that the greatest degree of indecency is to wear a swimsuit, as well as a not very important influx of foreigners compared to previous years. Because of this, they even closed the restaurant and bought fruit juice by the pool. Of course, foreigners visit the pool, but there are also locals: either young men who have decided to watch while admiring the white women “naked”, or married couples of power level who bathe their children. In the latter case, children fall into the pool, the husband sits dressed or half dressed on the beach, while his wife is fully dressed on the beach. If the couple is very calm, when the white women appear, the family dresses quickly and leaves the pool with their heads up, making all their appearance to show that honest people are no longer there.

As a result of all this, invisible wars erupt between local and foreigners: they do not respect our habits, but we begin to show disrespect and despise them. This is particularly noticeable in some relatively young women with many complex, but no companionship. When a person is in a company, she has a knee-deep sea, but when she is alone or single, or, for example, only with children, and young Indian boys swim in the pool, these women are already expressing impartial racist phrases: that with CES, she would scorn to swim in the same water.

Although, as I was convinced, everything depends, as always, our attitude: if we had not had such a lack of respect, the boys would meet us only once, just when a notorious Russian mother admitted with two teenage sons, which say, never undressed, not that bathed. Although, of course, it was not very pleasant to appreciate the burning gaze of Indian men and women, and I would like to avoid it. But it’s their country, their customs, and I think we should respect their points of view. Of course, I would like our customs to be respected, especially since we only go in swimsuits to the place designated for that and nowhere else. And besides, the pool was built especially for that, and it was not us who built it, but the Indians themselves. But as they say: there is work to be done.

And the pool water is simply magical: warm to the horror! You have a lot of fun, especially if it’s hot in the street and if you relax in a special way, in Indian …

After my bowel was upset, after several difficult days, I always went to the Ayurvedic clinic to see Dr. Rao. There too, I was given a massage “to calm me down,” as Dr. Rao said. Na├»ve, I thought the massage would only touch the head, but no, they first massaged the whole body for 30 minutes, covering it with oil, then 45 minutes, they poured warm oil on the forehead with the addition of water from some pear hanging over the head. This pear is gently moved to the right and left and the oil is uniformly deposited on the forehead.

In the end, the oil is buried in the ears, in the nose, lets the smoke breathe and rinse the throat. Then the whole body is washed with a liquid similar to divorced henna. In addition, the oil is removed from the body. And the hair already wash the usual shampoo. The clinic has hot water, so it is very pleasant to wash, especially after the hot oil.

And after being washed, your head is fumigated with a slight smoke and, as an Indian woman said to my question “What is it?” – “It’s a very good smoke!”

A session is cheap by our standards, somewhere around 460 rubles. Certainly, the boy has never “exchanged”, that is to say surrender, and the massage can suddenly cost more.

The first time, not knowing the entire procedure, having not been prepared physically and materially (there was no towel or shampoo), I was shocked. But then, nothing is used and appreciated.

The doctor recommended seven interventions, but after practicing four, I felt that my face was swollen and the skin of my face was red and rough. I was perplexed and first appeared before the doctor’s grandson, which he told me he could not see. I was even more puzzled. The next day, I went to see the doctor himself. Having pinched my cheekbone, he said it was normal for a woman: the day after my sleep, “swim a little” under my eyes (in fact, I had a swelling of cheekbones and cheeks). At the same time, he blocked everything his grandson had written about my well-being and wrote “NO!” In huge letters with a red pen. I realized that my puzzlement was only my problem and that with my knowledge of English, I would not get anything from them. And when he, explaining something to his grandson for a long time, says that, they tell him, take him, she is afraid, I understood everything! I went

I realized that the massage had really benefited my advantage and that all kinds of waste had come out of me. This often happens with the treatment of non-traditional means, such as homeopathy and bioresonance therapy . In addition, my mind worked very actively, despite all the efforts to put him to sleep. And it was he who made me think of a Kazakh woman, who swelled in the eyes after applying Dr. Rao’s oil. She had pain and complained to everyone, and forced Dasha to accompany her to the clinic so she could translate it.

The next morning, with hope in her voice, I asked Katya if she saw my swelling? Looking at me, Katya izrekla that I am superb! At this point, the stars came closer and I realized that I no longer needed any edema. I had slept safely the next day and, in the meantime, I had passed all the recommended massage sessions.

It was interesting to watch the Indians doing my massage. As elsewhere, there were those who diligently carried out the whole procedure and there were also those who, one might say, were serving a sentence in the form of work. So, the next-to-last sleeping Indian caressed me, then several times filled my eyes with oil – this despite the fact that I came with great fear, to my God, the oil ran through my eyes and there again everything would burn (apparently on my fear we met her)! But nothing happened: the edema was completely asleep, the skin also became smooth.

With the massages, my day was suddenly very tense: first, at 8 o’clock in the morning, I went to darshan, then I had breakfast, at 11 o’clock, I went to satsang , then I bought food for lunch and a massage. I returned home from 15:30 to 16:00, had dinner and returned to darshan at 16:30. Then have dinner, walk and sleep. Fortunately, nothing was rushed and I felt no nervousness, I did not have time to do something, not to do. Everything was going as usual, transforming gently into one another and I appreciated the work I had done, which was, if I understood correctly, the most important!

There was another trip to the stadium to take pictures of the Chinese-style museum and the Hanuman statue. As always and everywhere here, I was also told that the time for visits had passed and it was impossible to enter. The schedule was really close to the door and, according to her, a nap, that is to say a lunch, was arriving at this time of the day. But the program concerned the work of the museum itself, but I had no desire to go to the museum itself, I just wanted to walk around the museum! As I have been here a day ago and I heard the same thing, except that Monday was usually a day off, I decided not to leave before letting myself in. inside. Started asking the boss of this Sevadala , who was standing at the entrance. To which he replied that he had no leader. But after five minutes of repetition of the word “boss”, the Sevadal gave up and let me in.

It seems that to get around the rules, you have to create your own rules: you can, for example, insist stupidly on yourself and one day it will work. In general, at that time, I saw the stadium and the museum, as well as the statue of Hanuman, Buddha, Jesus and others. When I left, I wish my “Thank you, sai ram! people gathered and also asked them inside! But since they were not foreigners, but Indians, they probably respected the rules of their country and could not reach their goals …

One of the last days, at six o’clock in the morning, I went to the mountain, where the tree of desires stood, take pictures and capture the state of my morning of the waking city.

The view was beautiful, the air was clear and cool, left in the stadium, the Indians were engaged in the sport, right, a river was flowing. In general, the water appeared in the river gave the city a kind of romantic-poetic appearance, it became cooler and acquired some novelty. Puttaparthi has just woken up: people were moving to brush their teeth in the street. This fact surprised me a bit, but I was already used to taking everything as it is.

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