Tourists : about the four most common myths

Usually, to travel to distant lands to be nice, you have to prepare yourself and, above all, think about everything. Therefore, the following myths should be considered.

1. The myth of the need to exchange currencies at home. It appears that there is no need for an early exchange of foreign currencies. It is not unusual for the exchange rate in the country where you are going to be much higher than in our country. Moreover, what is important, in the presence of a large amount of money, you become vulnerable to pickpockets. It is best to have plastic cards with you. Sometimes they offer better exchange rates. In addition, they can be withdrawn with as much money as needed.

2. The myth of the need to order the visit at the last moment. If, several years ago, it was really advantageous to book a trip in the last few days and you could save a bit on it, this approach is no longer relevant today. As part of the crisis, airlines are launching fewer flights served by smaller aircraft. In addition, the burden of hotels is becoming more and more important. Therefore, if you order visits for 4 to 8 weeks, you will get more pleasure than if you abandoned all these procedures the week before.

3. The myth that the trip should be based on local residents. You must not hope that locals will be able to explain to you how to find the place you are looking for. It is best to think about the travel itinerary and prepare it in advance, taking a guide with you. Very often, the inhabitants themselves have never visited places of pilgrimage for tourists.

4. The myth that you get what you paid for. Based on what you paid for a five-star hotel, you should not conclude that you will really rest in such a hotel. The fact is that, in the search for customers, many hotels, tour operators and cruise ships are positioning their services in the travel services market as luxury services. But in reality, they inflate the prices of their services only to reach a high level. Do not be fooled. After all, very often, the operator is not very expensive to offer a much more comfortable level of service. Always try to look carefully at the product or service, not at its price.

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