Tours in israel to jatt

North of Abu Sinai, Jatt is a small village known since the eleventh century, when the Druze settled here. Today, many people come here to seek treatment in Israel, thanks to the mild climate and clean air, as well as the multitude of types of health and wellness centers located in the village and its surroundings. . In 1990, this village, after merging with its neighbor Yanouac, became an object of local self-government.

This region is very rich in history, because the mention of Yanuah is found in the Talmud, the Bible and the chronicles of the Crusaders, under the name of Yanoah. Now the village population consists mainly of Druze, and here is the tomb of Sheikh Abu Arus, who in ancient times was responsible for the spread of the Druze religion in this region. Today, the unified settlement has nearly five thousand inhabitants, but because of the tourists, there seems to be a lot more people here.

It is a small colony located in the north of Israel. It has an appealing force for tourists who come to the country to learn about its history and culture, to touch the Bible sanctuaries and to have a good time surrounded by friendly people, known for their hospitality. The opportunities for this in Jatta are incredible. The splendor of the local hotels with discreet service, excellent conditions for excursions in all regions of the country, the constant development of the tourist infrastructure, all this makes the rest here unforgettable.

Being located in a good geographical location, Jatt offers its clients a trip to Israel, visiting its main religious and cultural attractions, leisure centers and sports centers. From there, take sightseeing tours to Eilat and Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa, and health tours to the best hospitals and centers of the Dead Sea. To visit Jatta is to dive into the magical atmosphere of Antiquity and modernity, united in this ancient place.

The conditions for a comfortable life in this region of Israel are simply excellent, and the local council is trying to develop the tourism infrastructure that helps the village generate additional income and, as a result, affects the standard of living of its inhabitants . That’s why customers from different countries around the world who stay here are always happy and ready to provide any service. Despite its small size, there are excellent cheap hotels, excellent restaurants and entertainment centers in Jatta.

You can talk about local cuisine for a long time because it is one of the main attractions. Formed from the kitchens of several cultures that have inhabited these blessed lands, it is distinguished by a particular delicacy and taste, making each dish unique and original. Of course, for those who prefer the usual international cuisine, Jatta will be able to find it, but most of the city’s customers choose their local dishes, and they do not regret it at all.

Although the village is located far enough from the sea, you can improve your health at local health centers. Those wishing to visit the main resort areas of the country regularly organize visits to the Dead Sea, the most prestigious and interesting seaside resorts of Israel. Without a doubt, Jatt attracts first and foremost guests who enjoy a quiet and comfortable vacation in the historic district of the country, and only the most positive impressions remain.

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