Tours in Varadero, Cuba

Without a doubt, Cuba’s most popular seaside resort is the glorious Varadero, located in the province of Matanzas. It is believed that Varadero is famous for its attractions. Of course, it’s not just about luxury beaches, but also about Varadero Park, popular with all travelers. If you are a true leisure lover, use the online hotel reservation service and take care of your stay in advance. After all, Varadero is one of Cuba’s most popular tourist cities. And almost every person dreams of being here.

It is here that the estate of the famous American multimillionaire manufacturer Irene Dupont has been preserved. On the territory of the nationalized manor, restaurants rich in “revolutionary” history are actively working. In 1963, the “people” of Las Americas solemnly opened … Valentina Tereshkova! At that time, the first cosmonaut was on an official visit to Varadero. An interesting coincidence: on December 12, Irene Dupont died in the United States during the opening day. He was then 85 years old.

The competent sybarites assure: life in Varadero is a happy carnival. Tourists enjoy the endless kaleidoscope of entertainment for all tastes. They are attracted by all kinds of sports games and various aquatic pleasures. No wonder Varadero is more than once officially recognized as the best resort in Cuba. Its authentic, natural-looking decoration consists of a long spire of lush 20-kilometer white sand surrounded by limpid azure water. In addition, all of Varadero’s beaches reliably protect the Caribbean’s most impressive coral reef. Holidaymakers are happy to note the variety of hotels, as well as the richest variety of restaurants and clubs.

Resting without problem on the beaches of Varadero, the ubiquitous tourists go to Guam, where the current settlement of Indians is always present. However, as we have already noted, in the glorious Varadero, many of their interesting places deserve attention. For example, an old two-storey fort built in 1897. This historic building is called Fuerte Espanyol (“Spanish fort” – in literal translation). Travelers often go to Santa Elvira Church, a church built in a slightly pompous colonial style.

Another place worthy of the seaside resort of Varadero, which tourists adore, is the ancient cave of Ambrosio. Travelers passionate about the study of half-forgotten cultures are drawn to unique Indian images that echo the solar calendar. And lovers of exoticism are very attracted by the “aquatic safari”. During these walks in mini-submarines or ordinary boats but with a transparent background, Cousteau’s “followers” explore the picturesque coral reefs and observe the inhabitants of the deep sea.

To paraphrase a classic, one could say: Varadero is worth mass. And to get there, it’s not that difficult. Now, without much difficulty, you can do everything with the Internet: find a good hotel, book a suitable room, book airline tickets on desired dates. By the way, the Varadero airport is the second largest in Cuba, after Havana, of course. That’s why the number of active travelers from Europe and, of course, from Russia is increasing every year. It should be noted that fewer and fewer people have started using travel agency services. And this is not surprising, because in our time you can independently organize a trip to any point on our planet.

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