Fourth day: Zlatoust and its surroundings

We say goodbye. Feeling guilty. But we are all so different – and our roads are sometimes different … We are not permanent? We will really miss him, Tsedriki !

Rain …

At Zlatoust , we are “essential”: watch the famous Zlatoust weapons (maybe even buy a knife), see the Zlatoust engraving , visit the local history museum (and better yet, the mineralogical there is one) and discover all that surrounds quarries and mineral mines. Well, let’s see the city.

And we went to the robots exhibition. That is to say, it was Anton who left and we were waiting for him. While we were driving in the city, we saw a sign, the child sighed so loudly – of course, we went to watch. In the lobby, an exhibition of batik arrived unexpectedly – I nafotkal pictures of myself, there is something to do. Although poppies, for example, I’m even better.

Weapons and prints were not available to us on Sunday. The deferred to tomorrow and went to explore the museum of local traditions.

And there – minerals! All the first floor – minerals! My mother and I stuck to shop windows – and we did not get stuck by any force! Probably, they rarely have them on the first floor that are so long delayed.

And the second day – they wanted a weapon – get: an exhibition of the Bulat Weapons Factory . It’s beautiful! Blades, sabers, knives – the work of the author, inlaid with precious stones … We envied and decided to buy Lech’s knife tomorrow.

While we were walking around the museum, everyone was looking for someone to ask him questions about the stones. While we were searching, we heard someone talking about the Akhmatov mine : yes, our people! (Mine Akhmatovskaya, Nazyamsky western slopes of mountains, Kusinsky District. Known for the variety of minerals. Associated with the name of mining engineer PE Akhmatov , who discovered it in 1811. Passage and passage are strictly forbidden! ) how to drive. Entered, met – it turned out, they were also interested, they planned to go there, but the weather is scary.

Yes, time, of course, garbage … But just listen to me: “For 160 years, the Akhmatov mine has been a source of fine minerals with garnet, epidote, buklaidit – black-green epidote, bagrationite (a kind of orthite ), a vesuvian discovered by perovskite. The best diopsides of the Southern Urals have been encountered in the Akhmatov ore mine . “- Those magic words that caress the ear did not escape us all the time we were preparing for the trip.

Of course, we immediately went to look for the Akhmatovo mine . And who do you think we met dearly? Likewise, those same guys with a girl from the museum. They caught them on the road: “Are you there?” “Over there.” “Do you know the way?” “And you have to get out of this bus, they go there.” Here is the lucky one!

We stopped for the bus. The “tourists”, looking around them cautiously, crossed the road and rushed somewhere in the woods. Lech went to hide the car, I caught the sleeping Sanka and we ran after the others …

The first thing that caught our attention was a medium with a restrictive inscription. Our guide cheerfully explained that if testers took us, we had to quickly throw away all the stones and pretend that you were passing by and that you knew nothing about the mines.

A little further in the forest – and here it is, a place dear! Then – an hour of crawling on the stones, during which the concentrated joy and silence were interrupted from time to time by crawling: “But I have a grenade!”, “But what a verdure!”, “But what a big head ”

When our pockets were filled with pebbles and plastic bags had burst under the weight of green, red, shiny, and shiny stones, the guide suddenly gave a short instruction ” Go away, we’re leaving quickly” and everyone rushed to the bus. Nobody threw stones …

On the way to the back wheel. While Lech was putting the spare wheel, my mother and I climbed the hill again. Once again, we picked up some stones. Now we have them everywhere in the car: in the trunk in bags, in the bulk glove box, under the carpet to the room …

Meanwhile, the wheel was stuck to us, we sat on the table at the stall with a geological hammer stung the stones collected, we pulled out the garnets. Lots of fun.

We spent the evening in sober conversations about how different people look alike, why someone rushes through the mountains and forests and does not rush anyone. Then Lech fell asleep and we washed stones with Mom and Anton, dried, signed and put in sachets. All the same, probably, we are screwed!

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