Second day: Kiev-Radauti (Romania)

The daily mileage is 560 km (50 km of them were wounded while looking for a hotel and walking in Chernivtsi). Tymoshenko, Yushchenko and others smile from all sides – elections are getting ready in Ukraine.

In Zhytomyr changed money. In Berdichev, they ran into the store (for comparison, 1 liter milk – 18.99 UAH., Bread – 3.11 UAH., Elem Cigarettes – 6 UAH.).

Navigator gave the shortest route to the Romanian border – the road was almost empty and completely snow-covered.

In one of the many villages with unclean roads, a difficult part of the road was hooked by a wheel – the car was heavily hauled. All before my eyes, like in slow motion – first left the road on the left, then dragged right, the branches on the window, turned right in front of a wooden fence … Ufff, arrested! The grannies from the area, who witnessed our maneuver, rushed to the car, rushed to hug us, moan, tell us how they were afraid “well, everything, we think, it’s time to to sink “…

Then we drove even more slowly and with more caution.

They had been looking for the border for a long time – they trusted the navigator and offered them a short route again. They were therefore long in the dark alleys of the village until they decided to drive along the road.

Border post at Siret (Siret). According to Lehi, he began to actively hate Romania even at the border – an inhospitable girl who checked the passports smoked, ashes fell on documents …

The machines were long enough, the border crossed quickly.

Well hello Romania! Vampires, yes! My mother and I opened the champagne, comforted, squeezed the vampire’s teeth, opened the windows, scared the passers-by.

Lech did not support the pleasure of spending the night on the agenda (well, that is to say at night), there are three unresolved problems: change money, buy a sticker (mandatory payment of roads in Romania), find a place to sleep …

Money in Romania: 1 leu (leu?) = 10 rubles. 20 kopecks Romanian money is very interesting, with transparent windows, not in paper, but in polymer.

Petrol in Romania: 3.87 – 4.20 lei

Sticker searched without success for all service stations, honestly do not miss one. They tried to explain themselves in Russian, in English, with gestures – in response, the Romanians just shook their heads … They do not understand, devils … They remembered with nostalgia for how a purely Austrian tanker explained our way.

The next day we will visit the monasteries (Moldovitsa, Sucevitsa, Voronets, Humor) – it is not far, we have to stop somewhere for the night. But the city of Radauti is extinct, not a single person is in the street. The hotels are full, but they do not open, the windows do not burn.

Finally, they found a comfortable hotel “Fast”, three stars, having spent the night at 150 lei. The owner speaks good English, happy to discuss. The room has 3 beds, nice and comfortable. The owner gave us a kettle of boiling water, dined with Maggie cups and ginger vodka.

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