Third day: Radauti-Bran (Bucovina to Transylvania)

Mileage per day 440 km.

In the morning, the grandmother and Antoshka tried to light the coffee maker found on the floor. They walked a long way back and forth with coffee boxes or cups of water. They caused a flood and did not light the car.

We discovered that the sticker, which we did not buy yesterday, had to be searched at Petrom petrol stations. We arrived at the gas station, explained for a long time, but finally bought this Roviniete (this?) For 30 days for 30 days.

We will search for the famous monasteries of Bucovina, known for their beautiful outdoor churches.

We land at Sucevice. It’s nice, my heart, beautiful! Stroll through the monastery, adults admire beauty, children enjoy freedom, run and scream.

From time to time, on the way to Moldovitsa, we meet horses carrying firewood in wagons. We really want to take a picture of the horses. On the way, it goes wrong – so we have panoramic photos of the horse – the head, still the head, the tail, part of the cart …

They asked a lot of geology for geology – Lech stopped at the river with cobblestones: “Collect quickly and go!” Does not understand the real geology …

The churches are painted in the same style as Sucevita – beautiful! On the outer walls of monasteries – painted scenes from the Bible. Until now, it is probably mysterious to know how these frescoes have preserved the rich original colors.

Voronets – the most popular of Bucovina’s monasteries. Next – the market, ride on horseback, there are buses with tourists. We had to pay the entrance (3 lei per person) – by the way, Moldovitsa and Sucevita were allowed free.

With memories in Romania, frankly, not very … All kinds of … mediocre Chinese. Sanya was standing at the table with bells, her face sad. Knowing his stubbornness, they understood that they would not leave without ringing a bell. Bought a bell. Well, Anton has always stayed in the car, but something would be urgent too.

In Humor decided not to call, go immediately to the vampires. They had planned to watch Bran (near Brasov), a Rasnov fortress, in Sinaia, where they had originally planned to climb – the Peles and Peleshor castles.

On the way, many times drove a lot of wicker baskets for sale. For the baskets, the female part of the crew was not indifferent – they persuaded Lech to stop and pick us one. Bought the coolest, Russian money for only 150 rubles.

Before Transylvania, we drove until evening trying to change money in Brasov at 7am – 8am (local time) – no exchanger was working. In the distance, there was a faint hope – a supermarket, they rushed there – turned out to be a shop like our OBI. We decided to go to Bran, after all, a tourist place, and for the euro to settle.

Without wanting to eat … They estimated all the Romanian money folded for the collection – not much … It was sad to see the grocery store on the way …

In Bran appeared in several hotels. Somewhere busy, somewhere does not go for a night. Finally, in one of the hotels, we were greeted by a nice old uncle. We talk to him about our problem in Russian – he nods, smiles, feels – he does not understand anything. We are the same in English – again, nodding, smiling, the Romanian babble something, the result is zero. The gestures invite us to enter. We continue the dialogue – understanding is always nil.

Then uncle decided to go get his wife. Finally, finally, we thought she probably understood Russian or understood English! Yes nifiga! The colorful Romanian listens to us and repeats word for word all the words of her husband, always in Romanian, twice as strong and at the same time frantically gesturing …

In the end, they understood each other, lowered the price from 45 to 35 euros, they managed to change 100 euros, left the children with their grandmother, went to the supermarket and finally bought a LOT OF FOOD.

2 teas + 2 coffees offered free of charge by the owners = 15 lei.

In the morning, the hosts wrote our phone and explained to us that we could call and come to them at any time. Pensiunea M & amp; Mr.

For those who like to know in advance where to go: you can book a hotel in Bran on the website or

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