Another discovery

Published on : 03 April 20192 min reading time

Another discovery is a drum made of huge wood with a gap in the African tribes. Many people can probably play at the same time. And here’s another one from Antiquity – strange women’s figurines covering their belly, as if they were scared or frozen.

Something attached to modern art. Sketch for the inside of the children’s room, where the palms of the children surrounded are next to the pistols. Death and childhood – it’s scary. And trailers with a black train, followed by a cloud of black smoke.

Russian and Byzantine icons. Mother of God with a shiny piece of gold on the wall. Some fragments of the old luxury of Byzantium, but what luxury! Where did they find such bright colors in their hard life?

And finally, life. Three huge colored panels. Yellow – “The color that men choose when they want to attract.” Red – “No war no”. Blue – “Yes peace yes”.

And then, my mind needed an urgent and long rest, because it was almost on the threshold of suicide, saturated with art, thoughts, stories and information. So I just walked to Hermann Park. And it was one of the most wonderful businesses. I have never encountered a more peaceful, comfortable, calm and cool place. The statue of Sam Houston depicting a skyscraper stomping against the setting sun, white fountains like splashes, swarms of ducks, marches raging (funny, they all have small artificial ponds called “pool of relaxation “?) Wooden bridges. Children, mothers, friends, lovers, alone. Summer atmosphere and thoughtful reflection. A cheerful train with a buzzing train carrying people through the lanes of the park inviting music to the zoo and herds of begging squirrels for nuts. And especially this hot sunset.

And then I wandered the streets of my own Rayonchik (so fast!) And I do not want to go home (it’s a pity that the Holocaust museum and the museum of the weather closed at 17 hours). And while it’s hot in the summer, Christmas and New Year are incredibly close – inflatable snowmen, Christmas trees and garlands do not let us forget it. Interestingly, they have snow in general ?

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