From Bashkiria to the Urals

In the morning, I woke up at half-past seven because of lashes ... no, thank you God, not for me, but - somewhere nearby. This drove the cows. It is good that not a single cow "come to visit" in the tent. I did exercises, swam in the lake. Packed a backpack and went to the track. While walking on the field, I saw a gray animal (probably a ferret) that plunged into a rather impressive hole. I looked around - around the same holes - a whole colony! In 8-45 began to vote. Position "speed", which means that the car had to take the "slow" - " Zaporozhets " with a retiree, in order to get to the nearest intersection. Exit at the turning to the village of Zhilino . After 10 minutes, took the Six for another 20 km. At half-past nine we stopped at a gas station. Gypsies have "worked" on it, trying to push the gold chains to the visitors. As the pilot has noticed, they do not even fit into local cars; our rooms are Bashkir . At the turn, where the driver stopped, there was exactly the same gas station (from the same company), but, according to him, gasoline at the gas station "with gypsies" was of better quality. Interestingly, the presence of gypsies - an indicator of the quality of gasoline? Here I went to a cafe, I prepared a "beach pack" (vermicelli infused) and some tea. It's breakfast, although the local time is already noon. I can not accept that every other day is shorter by one hour. (In the day 23 hours, it turns out?) After breakfast, voted 40 minutes - all "free" cars went out at the turn where he was. Do they have a nest there ?! Finally, I caught the ambulance, which took me to the nearest traffic police station. Essentially, it was a "taxi close to the road": two bashkir hunters were already in the cabin and returned to their village. The eldest of them, he tells me, showing the forest through the window: - I saw green men in this forest. - ?! - The little ones - Show a hand 10 cm from the ground - they immediately hid as soon as they noticed me. "Talk seriously, like meeting badgers." "Sorry," I say, "but I do not believe in any Green Men and Drummers there ..." "I did not believe either ..." said the sleeping hunter without a smile, sighing, "until he sees it himself." But as he saw, he did not talk to anyone for five years, he was afraid they would send him to a mental hospital; five years later, I learned that other hunters had also seen them ... Now you can now find out ... But then he got out of the car and I did not have time to ask him in more detail what the green men were wearing, probably in camouflage overalls - there are Defense factories in the area, already in the south of the Urals. At half-past eleven I went out to the next traffic police station. After 15 minutes - "Kopek" to Asha . I have already noted that the roads here are good, but this driver has led some friends to go fishing. When driving on a dirt road, you have flown in an impressive well. As a result, his front axle was cracked and the steering wheel did not rotate to the left. With a crack, we reached Asha 's turn . At 12:10, I stand near the index stela "ASHA - THE CITY OF METALLURGES". It's hot I asked some merchants for a water kebab - rinsed my mouth. I rested in the shade - it seemed better. The work of metalworkers is difficult: by this heat, stand near the stove! My thoughts were interrupted by a driver of a Gazelle driving. He offered a ride to Chelyabinsk , but first he would have a bite. While the driver was eating at the cafe, I tried in vain to stop a faster car ... And so, we go to the Gazelles through the mountains of the southern Urals. The places are very beautiful and remind somewhat "Lada". The driver carries rubber boats from Samara. He asks me how the festival went. I say and offer to put a cassette with the song of the author. So, under good songs, we passed the collar behind the collar all the Urals. At one of the stops, on the left, I saw a cafe with an interesting name on the roof: "IN DALY OF WIFE". Indeed, it is far from women, but we still do not know if it's good or bad. At 1719 km, facing Chrysostome, a blue sign reads: "Be careful, there is a boarding house for mental patients located 500 meters away." Here, are dangerous psychos walking in the forest when they want ?! Indeed, on the road, there were psychos in pajamas and they bowed to passing cars. It's probably the people who also saw the green men, but did not remain silent about it. Now and dirty, unhappy. The driver threw them a pack of cigarettes and explained to them that they were the ones who asked for smoke, these poor creatures. At 4:15 pm, he is photographed in the "Europe-Asia" pillar. However, in the car park and on the highway, prostitutes, called " Shoulders ", are wandering around. Here she walks in Europe - so a European woman. Will go for the pillar - Asian, however. At five o'clock, the driver urgently wanted to sleep (local time - seven o'clock). He decided to visit his friends in Chebarkul and bring me back to 60 km from Chelyabinsk. In less than five minutes, I stopped the "nine" to Novosibirsk ! With two gazelles coming from Nizhny Novgorod. At six o'clock in the evening, we pass the entrance of the traffic police on the M36. The road, judging by the atlas, crosses the city. The driver, like me, does not know Chelyabinsk. I suggest he follow the signs across the city, and I will go out to the center, because planned to do a description of VE and record on the trio of tapes "Cartoons". We drive a long time in certain industrial zones, fill up in a petrol station. Judging by the map, the road to Kurgan leaves on the other side of town. So I sit quietly and wait until we arrive in town to go. ... Here we go into garages, pipes, here's a kind of boiler room and here ... a traffic police station again! On the mound. Hey! Stop! I left the city! No matter how tempted to go to Novosibirsk immediately, Chelyabinsk wants to see the same thing. (If I knew what was going to happen between Omsk and Novosibirsk I would leave Chelyabinsk, Kurgan and Omsk on the way back! I was a fool). I said goodbye to the drivers and went to the traffic police to find out how to get to Shenkurskaya Street . They say it's near the Institute of Thermal Engineering. I went back (!) To town. A car drove me to the office, above which was the sign "TRACTORSAD". There was no telephone at the post office and I decided to call from a mysterious establishment. Nadi , unfortunately, was not home yet and I did not know her mother. An old man in Moskvich drove me along the Victory Avenue to the required building, which the locals called Teplotekh . At eight o'clock in the evening (already ten in the local style) I was in Vpiska . I call at the door, but I'm worried, and if Nadya had not arrived yet? His mother opens the door. - Hello my name is Gregory, I am a hitchhiker from Dubna , in the Moscow region. Nadia invited me, if I was in that, how was he? Excuse me, where am I now? (Forget the forgotten city - Young man, you are in Chelyabinsk ! - Mom is not surprised, tk . his daughter is also hitchhikers in different cities. - yeah! Right Nadia therefore said that I could come home to spend the night. Finally understood. While washed, eaten, already and Nadia came.
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