On locomotives – faster ?

Alena woke up at 6:30 am local time. Already at 4:40 Moscow time, I was at a traffic police station. The first 30 kilometers of the city, I went to Toyota. The bend where I was posted was not very practical for hitchhiking, but I was soon taken over by a Volga journalist. The driver chased several newspaper bins in the area. He was now carrying new newspapers from Krasnoyarsk, and all the backseat of his Volga was occupied by bundles of various newspapers. Of course, I gave him "VV", telling him how fantastic it was and I wanted him to work on the distribution of "Free Wind" in the territory of Krasnoyarsk. Just then, the engine began to stall and we had to stop to make minor repairs. We stopped next to the "Niwa", which bore numbers of Chita, and it too was repaired. I left the car and started glancing over my shoulder towards the Niva. Near the "Niva", a bearded passenger was also turning and looking at me. I went to get to know each other. It turned out that he is also a prisoner who travels from Irkutsk to Samara. He does not know the wisest methods and, therefore, he is already late for the Festival. I gave him "VV" and a PVP with a dedication and an e-mail. As I quickly told him about the WUA, the Volga driver had already completed the repairs and had to go further. In a hurry, I forgot to note the name of the loader. If he reads these lines, let him declare! The writer turned guerrilla bought me a PvP book. Started voting on the tour. Nearby there was a gas station and some coffee taxis. I asked for cold water there, but they explained that the water comes from a dirty spring and you can not drink it without boiling it. There were few machines, but after half an hour, I found myself caught in a KAMAZ truck with a trailer carrying empty bottles to Kansk. On the way, the driver spoke of the hard life in these areas. Shown in front of Kansk Military Airfield. Goodbye, he suggested I take him some canned food. They are given here instead of salary. I chose buckwheat porridge with concentrated meat and cream. The driver offered more, but my backpack was too heavy because of the donated products (and did not eat anything I brought from the Grushinsky Festival). Kansk has a bypass road, with a traffic police station at the junction. KAMAZ went to the city to unload the bottles and I left at 9:00 am at the station, because the driver convinced me that it was better to drive Kansk along the bypass. There was also a coffee at the fork, it seems that "TRANSIT" was called. It was noon (1 pm) and my backpack was loaded with two iron cans ... The coffee agreed to heat my porridge in the microwave . When the bowl of porridge was removed from the oven, the meat aroma invaded the entire cart. The drivers who came in immediately stated, "How delicious it feels here! Do it to us. In addition, the pancakes were also fried in the kitchen and I was also treated. In short, I had dinner for an hour, despite the services of a microwave oven. Twenty minutes later, I tried to vote on the bypass. However, all the cars were driving with her and nobody on Taishet. In the city, there was a rather noticeable flow of traffic. Having decided to look around Kansk, I fell on an empty bus. On the outskirts of the city, we came to a three-storey brick building, similar to ATP. On the roof of the building - in large letters "FREIGHT STATION SYUMNIK". The bus driver pulled out a 50-liter aluminum flask somewhere and asked me to help him. It turned out that it was not at all what I had supposed ... Alcohol factory (underground !?) In a big room filled with boxes of bottles (that's where KAMAZ was unloaded !) There was a huge barrel with a crane. A well-known formula has been written on a white barrel in red letters. In the corridor and the rooms there was a crowd of "suffering" men with bright eyes and variegated wrappers. A woman poured him with a hose and a bucket to measure. To obtain the desired liquid, the "customers" presented him with a small piece of square paper. Where he was received, I did not see. According to the figures on the flyer, a person received liters in his container and she dragged everything "out". While I was helping to carry a bottle containing 40 liters of alcohol, a good amount of water spilled under the lid and my hands were "consumed" like that of a surgeon. Need to notice From the bus, I landed at 10:43, near the park of culture. It turned out that the Kan River flows through the city. Swimming was one of the most enjoyable moments of my trip. The beach was long and crowded. The current is fast, the river is not deep, the water is warm and clean. After wiping and rolling to the limit, I grabbed Toyota and drove it for 1km on the bridge. The driver went to the supply at the crossing. Near the store was a gazelle with rooms near Moscow. It's the meeting! I bought an ice cream and sat down to wait for the driver. - Good afternoon. Are you really from the Moscow region? - Yes indeed. - And me too, I hitchhike from Dubna to Baikal food ... - And I'm from Lyuberets. - awesome! Where are you - No food anywhere. (Smiles) This car has been here for four months. - Too bad ... The GAZel driver went to town and I voted for another 40 minutes on the outskirts of Kansk. All the while, the cars passed and showed gestures that would soon go out. Not far was the railway. Charter, I tried to transfer to the locomotive. Nearby was Ilanka station. The station attendant said that nothing stops here except for the commuter trains. To talk to the locomotive engineer, I have to go back to Kansk by commuter train, which will take 40 minutes. This option did not suit me. Thanking Duty, I went back to the track, I voted another 10 minutes and I went to the traffic police station outside Kansk. The place proved more convenient, eliminating several local cars. After 20 minutes, I took Nine to Ilanski. At the main station, Ilanskaya freight trains were formed in both directions. I first went to the station and I rewrote the train schedule back and forth for VE The station kept on it many traces of MJ's stay, which led here this morning into a "train of 'LDPR agitation' special. All the fences, walls and even some of the cars were covered with posters depicting J. On the "station-like" toilets on both sides, as might be expected, the large letters "M" and "" were drawn. Then, next to the letter "G", they simply glued the color image of MJ, without even looking at the purpose of the house. When I arrived at the Regulator Room, I was very well received, they started drinking tea and treating me with bacon while waiting for the locomotive to the east. The officers on duty told me how J had given hats and jackets at the rally, threw copper money into the crowd, and the "people" had choked and shouted. Now, when the train left, those who did not have enough hats offended those who managed to catch it. However, newspapers and posters were enough for everyone. Even on the dispatch console, under a clock indicating Moscow time, a portrait of J. was hanging and seemed to ask, "Have you registered for the LDPR?" no one is going to take me away There are "zones" there and, furthermore, there may be problems with the local police. At 18:50, I entered the locomotive, which crossed the Reshoty to Tayshet. Taking the J. Dispatchers newspaper carefully, I put it on the back cabin floor and put myself to bed with my back to the backpack. At Reshoty, the train maneuvered a little, unexpectedly hanging the train on the other side and I had to change cabins with the machinists. We arrived at Taishet when it was midnight in Moscow and here it was 5 o'clock in the morning. The sky to the east is already pink. Locomotive went to the park. After saying goodbye to the friendly machinists, I got out of the cabin and started asking the few railway workers where the track was. A woman in an orange vest offered to see me leave. When we passed the station gate, they turned out to be a jeep. The woman knew the driver and asked him to take me to the track. I landed on the runway at dusk before dawn, near station "1215-670". Around, there were barracks with dark windows and abandoned buildings overgrown with grass. The rain had just ended and the grass was wet. When I started looking for a tent site, I suddenly decided not to sleep in the wet grass, but to look for a night in an empty building. Once the administration of a car company was located here. Now, the windows and doors were broken down, many rooms bore traces of fire and were littered with trash. I walked on the second floor with a flashlight, choosing the "cleanest" room for the night. It seems to me that the "cleanest" is the one in which the most paper is stacked. Having laid on the ground on the paper, a tent, on which are arranged a carpet and a sleeping bag. Through the window, the room already filled the morning dawn. He put a hat on his eyes and decided to sleep at least four hours.
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