How to combine tourism and leisure ?

Published on : 08 April 20193 min reading time

Holidays to come! The meditations began – where to go? My wife is an active person: he loves turtledoves, active trips – in general, all the beauty of nature in its primordial nature. Me, a man who likes comfort and tranquility, I relax especially in the seaside resorts and sanatoriums. That’s the dilemma: how to organize a holiday so that everyone is good?

Has begun to understand and seek a common solution. We live in Moscow, our life is like a big office: at home and at work we sit “in one place”. We do not leave the city practically, we live in a “bag of stone”, even the road between the house and the workplace is a source of nerves and crowds, cars. Everything is surrounded by “civilization” and a network of threads. Further on we are of the true nature of you, of ourselves.

It seems that the rest in station is not this time. After all, on the beach or in a sanatorium, whatever you say, it is impossible to break with civilization. Let’s try to choose a more active route. Hiking, fire, fishing, mountain, surf: this is what we need to calm down and find a state of harmony with ourselves.

So, what kind of outdoor activities can there be?

A family picnic for a week at the edge of a forest lake is inexpensive, moderately comfortable, but the event may become extremely boring if in a few days we run out of activities. You can “slide” on a banal alcohol in nature. Will it be a rest? On the contrary, a blow to the liver and the whole body.

Turslet – fun, interesting, but not for long. Is it – to go from one meeting to another. 🙂

Hiking – it’s closer to what we need. An autonomous trip alone with nature in the company of friends is an unforgettable stay, landscapes and clean air, unique landscapes where you can feel like a pioneer. Those who have visited several hikes can have a sports category and even participate in the Russian sports tourism championship. And there is no need to go far for examples – we have heard of the “Tomsk-Himalaya 2009 Rafting from Everest” expedition, organized by Siberian traveler Yevgeny Kovalevsky. If this expedition wins the Russian championship, the citizens of Tomsk will become three times champions. This is what you can develop starting small!

So decided – hike! But the problem is that we have very little hiking experience and unfortunately all our tourist friends have traveled to Karelia, the Altai, the Caucasus and the Sayans. So there was only one option left for us: a package trip. This practice is gaining momentum and many former amateur tourists are organizing trips for those who still can not do it themselves. It seems that it is what we need and that we will gain experience, we will communicate with nature and we will gain new friends. Indeed, for my beloved, accustomed to comfort, this will be the best choice – many travel agencies provide not only equipment and directions, but also a guide that can help you set up a tent and prepare a delicious lunch. It’s closer to what I want now: to rest.

Things are easy – find the right business …

Choose a tent : the tents are different …
On the way: a bonfire, gas or gas ?

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