In the courtyard of the museum …

More advanced MIG-21s then entered service in the North Vietnamese Army.

In total, during the first phase of the air war, from April 1965 to November 1968, 268 aerial combats took place in Vietnam, during which 244 American planes and 85 Vietnamese planes were shot down.

The problem for the United States was that the fallen American pilots had been captured and the Vietnamese gunned down continued to fight.

Special operations for the release of captured American pilots were unsuccessful. 2000 Americans are missing.

War Memorial Museum. Ho Chi Minh City.

In the museum courtyard, a trophy technique was made in the United States:

Heavy transport helicopter “Chinook”. Maximum take-off weight: 22 tonnes, engine power: 10,000 hp / 132 slaughtered.

In just 11 years of war, US Army helicopters made 36 million sorties, 13.5 million flying hours and 31,000 helicopters were damaged by antiaircraft fire, but only 3,500 were shot down ( 3,800 according to other sources). In addition, fewer helicopters were destroyed on the bases with mortar shells.

Guillotine, actually used for the execution of Vietnamese.

Sun Cage: Prisoner of the American Prison

Inside the museum building are samples of weapons used by the US military: seismic probe with radio transmitter.

In a separate room, 134 photographers who died during the war were exposed. (I do not put the most terrible pictures here.)

Vietnamese Army
Ho Chi Minh: a revolutionary communist