Vietnamese Army

The wreck of the fallen plane falls on a military base.

Palace of Reunion. (Former Government Palace of South Vietnam.) In 1975, generals from southern Vietnam surrendered to North Vietnamese troops.

It is the second palace of the government, the first building was bombed in 1962. The conspirators South Vietnamese assassinate the president Ngo Din s’em. (I mentioned the president in the subject of the monk’s self-immolation.)

Two planes arrived by plane and demolished the left wing of the palace, but the president then accidentally survived and decided to completely rebuild the palace. But he did not have time to live in a new palace. The blow came a year later, the president was killed and the power transferred to the junta (generals).

The new palace also bombed the plane of the South Vietnamese army. The plane was hijacked by a pilot from the South Vietnam Army, who headed to the north of Vietnam.

Well, to not finish the story on the dramatic theme of the war, I post some more photos:

Our Lady of Saigon (Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral) was built in 1880 exclusively from imported materials, the brick was brought from Marseille.

Ho Chi Minh Street. How do electricians deal with such a tangle of cables ?

In the courtyard of the museum …
Ho Chi Minh: a revolutionary communist