Life in Chelyabinsk

In the morning, I went to see the city. Kirova Street – Historic Center of Chelyabinsk . From the beautiful church, I passed the circus on the bridge over the Miass River. The water was cloudy and with abundant vegetation – she did not shoot for swimming. Behind the bridge turned to the right, to the old building of red color. This is the museum of geology, we must not forget that the Urals is a land of jewels. I go, I greet, I tell someone who is the cashier and ask permission to inspect the museum without buying a ticket, because the money is only for food …

They send me … on the second floor. For example, if “he” is allowed, then you can. Interested in:

– And who is “there” on the second floor to ask?

– who are you catching?

– Well, I went to catch …

On the second floor, in the empty hall, among the shelves, a woman, I’m for her:

– Sorry, can I catch you?

– Why?!

– Down asked … so can you?

“What did you want? …”

The woman was a research assistant. After a short story, she even tried to get me on an excursion, although I refused, they say, “it’s free …”

There are many beautiful stones in the exhibition, both treated and in their “original” form. Other minerals from the Ural region are widely represented.

After examining the geological museum, – went to the photo gallery. It’s not far – across the road in the second house. At the cash register, I repeat the scientific inquiry procedure at the museum. My aunt escorts me to the wardrobe, puts on a backpack. Then leads to the exhibition. I am happy to discover several photos of my beloved Aivazovsky . In the stairs – a porcelain exhibition. The second floor is being restored.

In addition, I am looking for the museum of local traditions on Lenin Avenue. But this is an exhibition of American dolls, about the size of a cow. It’s not free to watch. He asked the guard where the exhibition on the history of Chelyabinsk was. Answer: in the library for them. Pushkin. I found the library, but “Friday – closed”. But here I learned that paid Internet services are provided at the Chelyabinsk Public Library. Good opportunity to send news to the house. Where they provide paid – there you can get free.

I ask passers-by where the public library is. It is on the same Lenin Avenue. Large beautiful building with a large porch. In the lobby, they asked me for a passport, issued a blank with the name and took a backpack in the wardrobe. For a long time, they did not want to let me enter with the “free wind” in their hands:

– Not allowed, leave in the wardrobe.

– But it’s a gift, a Moscow newspaper! In your library, there is probably none!

– Where is it written here that this is a gift?

– Now I’m going to write …

– All kinds of “gifts” are passed and then the books disappear …

– Yes, but here is my article. Here, look …

– Why yours? We say ” Grigory Lapshin of Doubna “…

– It’s me. Here is the name on the form, sorry for the passport.

– Yes, indeed, Lapshin … well, come on.

The woman who ran the Internet services in Room 9 turned out to be KSPshnitsy and asked me questions about Grushinsky while I was writing a letter. It allowed to work for free, “as you want”. In response, I gave him a diary with a dedication.

The letter was sent to four addresses (for reasons of reliability): home and friends at work. The following people promised to send from the Novosibirsk Akademgorodok .

I still had one more thing to do in Chelyabinsk: visit the SYRUP youth train station on Kudryavtseva Street . I could not imagine exactly where it was, but I knew it somewhere in the CTZ area. And if that’s the case – get better systop .

The first car drove me a little on the avenue, the driver explained to me where to go on foot. But I stopped in the right direction an old UAZ, the old ambulance. It turned out that his driver did not know where to stay. About 20 minutes, we circled “in a given area”, asking passersby. Finally found the street. Then I left the car and walked to find the right house.

I met the director, received a set of postcards as a gift and collected a lot of useful information for the free encyclopedia. Unfortunately, for a longer communication, I did not have time, because at four o’clock, an appointment is made at the apartment in Nadi with a certain Pasha, a man very interested in hitchhiking.

All evening, with an atlas and an Encyclopedia V. in his hands, I spoke to this man who, according to him, walked several times to Chita- Khabarovsk, worked there, led the 500th MAZ, etc. He dictated to me detailed recommendations for the passage of this site in summer. All his words are written by me. If anyone wants – I can send. But, this is a subject for a separate discussion. (I can only say that it really gives the impression of a person who knows all the villages that are not even marked on the map.) There is also a mailing address to contact Pasha .

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