Long road to Novosibirsk

I woke up in the morning at 6 am Moscow time – the sun is already high! Cars come and go. As in a hurry: faster, faster – on the track!

After 10 minutes, I brake the KAMAZ crane. Why not! Before Kalachinsk? Let’s go! We drove the Omsk exit plate. The track is really new – in some places there is not even asphalt! But the concrete is flat, straight, as on the airfield. At intersections, there are roundabouts. Kalachinsk – left, Novosibirsk – straight ahead. After standing for five minutes, I go to lunch in the neighboring tavern. He poured water into the pot of the caravan and prepared noodles on the barbecue fire. Sweet tea drunk with donuts. After breakfast, go back to the circle and vote for Novosibirsk. In advance, you can see a sign “TATARSK 102, Novosibirsk 606” There are few machines, it’s hot. All drivers show gestures that they are local and it makes no sense to go with them. There are also deliberately long-haul cars – Drovers bringing the new Lada for sale. They always go alone and do not want to take anyone, as if I spoiled their dress. Sometimes, when you vote, they show a gesture: “Do not you see something? I’m busy! After 25 minutes of “Zhiguli”, I went to the similar circle. It’s very depressing to stand – not a cloud, not a village, around – forests and fields.

After half an hour, MAZ with a trailer stops, it turns out that it carries sand on the construction site at the edge of the regions. Sit in the cockpit. On the way, I notice that the road is completely new, that the painting is always white and that the milestones are not yet registered. He landed me at a “completely new” intersection – even the grass on the slopes had not yet grown. Near the cafe and the gas station under construction. MAZ poured the sand remained in the cafe and left, and I’m still standing. Do not stop at all. Very hot The machines are usually gone somewhere, as if there were not even half of the country in front of us! Turn left – Ivanovka. Visually I see the station. I notice the weather – 1 car in 10 minutes, can go to the train station? After an hour and twenty minutes (!), The old minibus UAZ-452 was blocked. Machine – Beast! After 100 meters, the highway ended unexpectedly (we understand why there were no cars!) I had to make a dusty-clay rut in the field. So this bus worked miracles, – climbed steep mountains, rolled under a large roller! And all this in pitch dust and huge bumps! No other machine could do such stunts. The UAZ driver was usually prepared for this: on the cabin floor, he drove three layers of bricks for the ballast, which allowed him a phenomenal stability. So we traveled 23 km. Along the rut, builders build a good road. Work, according to the driver, from eight in the morning to eight in the evening without a day off. They promise to finish the winter. The UAZ driver was usually prepared for this: on the cabin floor, he drove three layers of bricks for the ballast, which allowed him a phenomenal stability. So we traveled 23 km. Along the rut, builders build a good road. Work, according to the driver, from eight in the morning to eight in the evening without a day off. They promise to finish the winter. The UAZ driver was usually prepared for this: on the cabin floor, he drove three layers of bricks for the ballast, which allowed him a phenomenal stability. So we traveled 23 km. Along the rut, builders build a good road. Work, according to the driver, from eight in the morning to eight in the evening without a day off. They promise to finish the winter.

At 12:20, the heroic bus turned into Tatarsk and I stayed on the turn. Later realized this in vain! Through these bumps, no one else will break through. At 12h-50h, he dropped a KMAZ truck until the next junction and turned into Kazatkul.

Here, in the middle of a large concrete, I stayed in the heat even until 14 hours. There were no trucks. Rare cars were running away as if they were seeing a ghost. Here, my nerves have passed and circles have floated before my eyes. I realized that now I’m going to have a Sunstroke, and no one around! The backpack in the center of the intersection was pulled out of its last strength – to leave somewhere. If only there was water and shade!

… A truck drove to Tatarsk, just before the well, to fetch water. I drank, splashed out of the bottle, rested in the shade and went to the train station. The train station is big and beautiful. There is a vigilant militia. The train to the East is only three in the morning! I went to the cafe to make tea and mashed potatoes. At the table is a guy from the area (the “cool”) surrounded by girls.

We talked, treated with soda. I give as a souvenir “VV”. After lunch, I went to the station attendant at the station to inquire about the freight train in Barabinsk. The duty officer, after hearing me:

“Go to the next room, wait, now the locomotive brigade will arrive at Barabinsk at about half-past six, if you agree with them, then leave.

– Thank you so much. Where is this room?

– There, in the hallway, it’s written on the door.

In the cold hallway. On the next door is a sign “ROOM OF EXPECTATIONS OF THE BRIGADES OF THE LOCOMOTIVE”. (Especially for hitchhikers ?!)

The room has two windows, a table and benches. After introducing the “VV” duty officer, he sat down at the table to write a diary. My newspaper was bothered by other locomotive brigades going to Novosibirsk. They entered the room, smoked through the window in anticipation of train formation to the west and asked me questions about the essence of Free Travel. I decided that it was not so urgent to write a diary and I began to educate the machinists on the scientific methods of driving by train.

In my conversations, more and more people were coming into the room, some came, others left … In the end, they listened to me and went out and those machinists I was going to go. But the vigilant aunt stationed at the station, in time, jumped into our room and sent me on the eighth path, to catch up with the good brigade. I have already caught up with the will of the locomotive. We already have somewhere, the second is still nearby. I ask:

– Good evening Are you a machinist?

– Why

– Are you going to Barabinsk?

– A shorter one?

– Yes, I … I would also like to go to Barabinsk, but there is no car on the highway …

The voice from above, apparently, the driver:

– You’re leaving, you’re leaving … Get out in the back cabin, wait five minutes … Hooray! My first in my life “second kind of hitchhiking”! I run. I wait

The driver lifted the current collectors, started the engine. Five minutes later, they opened the door and took my backpack. I ride after and immediately make a donation “VV” prepared dear reader! If you publish in “Free Wind”, do not take the fees with money (Fu!) – take the newspapers! Then it will bring you back “with a trinity,” and you will make happy friends.

The locomotive’s entrance was therefore at 18:30. I was warned not to touch anything and not to support anything. In the stations, I should not have gone out because, if they notice me, the machinists may be in trouble. I sat on the floor of the cabin, my back leaning on the backpack. So, I was completely invisible from the street and could also sleep. However, after 10 minutes, two more men entered the cabin. From what I understood, they were also machinists, but they were already returning home. They turned on the light and started playing cards. I sat in the seat, but refused to play cards.

In Barabinsk arrived at 21:30. When I left, I introduced the PVP book (in addition to “VV”) to the team that brought me to the first train stop. My locomotive was not going any further and I left it. On the next runway was another steam locomotive, also towards Novosibirsk. But the driver of this locomotive immediately waved to me: “… we will not take anyone! So only the second flight of the month, and here they will reduce the premium! ”

The whole Barabinsk station was crowded with trains to the east, but when they went there, no one guessed it, because it was in the middle of the “rail war” when the miners blocked the main lines to claim wages . The miners’ picket was in the Kemerovo area and the trains were already stopped in Novosibirsk. Apparently, there was simply no place to drive them.

Just in case, I decided to find the person stationed at the Barabinsk station. A full-fledged man and a 17-year-old boy were sitting at the console. In the same room, there were several other men who were apparently waiting for their fate “to leave – not to leave” to become obvious. I hit, came in and introduced myself. The duty officer and the others returned at once: “Oh! A traveler came to us! For a long time nobody looked … “But they could not help me because in Novosibirsk, all the roads are already blocked by freight trains and the miners are only passing by passenger trains. sit in Barabinsk, not knowing when they will go further.In passenger trains, I did not want to go because it will no longer be hitch-hiking in its purest form.

They explained to me that there was a traffic police station near Barabinsk. And I went to him on foot. It turned out that you have to travel five kilometers, although on the shortest route. Near the station, we found a group of cars whose drivers slept in the cabins. I asked the traffic policeman to drink water and asked where it was better to put a tent. They said, “It’s wet here and there. Here – dry.

In thanking, I went on the field on 25 meters and pitched a tent directly in front of the pole in the light of the lanterns. When I fell asleep, the clock was 12 o’clock in the evening …

Leaving the tent at 3:20 Moscow time. It’s already clear, the drivers around are waking up and it’s time for me to adapt to their fashion. Gathered and went to the post. There are signs on the road, indicating that after 29 km to the west, the road ends and that the cars that go to Omsk must take the direction of Barabinsk. KAMAZ was standing beside him, whose drivers had bypassed the primus. They were carrying the cargo “Humanitarian Aid” from Germany to Novosibirsk, but unfortunately they could not transport me because their car has only two seats. I drank tea with them, washed my face and started voting. A column of three KAMAZ military trucks passed by. Arrested whoever went third. The driver opened the door a little and shouted, “Sit down faster!” I immediately tore the backpack off my shoulders and flew to the cabin. While the driver was asking me “from whom and where did he come from?”, I felt myself in the backpack looking for the “AUTO STOP = 50RUS” sign. This is a very precious thing for me, because the inscription is made of a reflective ribbon. She was tied to a backpack during the vote. Realizing what should be, the tablet flew away during my jump and, once again, looking carefully at the cabin, I asked the driver to drop me off immediately in an open field.

We managed to cover six kilometers. Despite the early hour (8-50 local time), the sun was already warm. As a punishment, I had to return to the post on foot. A humanitarian aid vehicle led me, bewildered, “why did I walk in the opposite direction ?!” It made me even more nervous and I stopped the first cement truck that had turned “hot”. Jumping off the cement truck, he returned to the landing site in the military KAMAZ and did not find the placards. The traffic policeman standing next to him simply smiles:

– Yes, they took it for a souvenir!

– Yes, who took? Why

– Red “new”. In memory.

– Where has she gone? (I’m going to catch the bastard and drill the five wheels!)

– In Barabinsk …

– You had to take it (plate). I specifically came back for her! Where is this “Nine” look now? What number is it? (I jumped on the traffic policeman, as if he was responsible for my absence).

– Yes, how do I know …

After a little cool, I asked the guard to catch the next time this “Nine” and take the “Souvenir” at my post. Having promised that when I come back, I will definitely pick him up …

I have already missed the morning wave. It was long and dreary. At 7:25, he stopped the “Niva” with the inscription “GOSTELERADIO NOVOSIBIRSK” on the door. An elderly driver drove alone. He turned out to be a scathing and his car (4×4) was very smart. Halfway, we stopped pouring gas from the can. I took a picture and gave the driver a “VV” newspaper for “Novosibirsk Television”. At 10 and 40, we went to Novosibirsk. The driver asked:

– Where do you want?

I opened my address book, the so-called “Ringushnik” with the letter “H”:

– yeah Here Asya, who lives on Vatutina street … and we’ll start with her.

– Let me throw you.

– thanks if along the way.

I landed right in front of Asya’s house. The book A. Krotov, entitled “Forward to Magadan!”, Already knew her. Pulled from Magadan’s backpack, and after re-reading the “Visiting Asya” section, he pressed the bell button with the book open by hand. Alas, Asina’s mother opened the door. Asya herself was living these days with a child in the country. Knowing in the book that Asina’s mother had a negative attitude towards “inscribers”, I did not tell her anything, I simply said goodbye.

As it was still too early to settle for the night, I decided to postpone the search for a list and search the internet in Novosibirsk. The young people who walked in the courtyard advised me to go to Novosibirsk University.

After entering the lobby of a ten-story building, I asked the server the following question: “Where is the Internet here?” But the waiter did not hear anything about it. An elevator opened next door and a man entered. Judging that there is virtually no internet access on the ground floor (I did not want to climb the stairs with a backpack!), I jumped into the cabin and asked the same question at the nobody. “So we have! On the tenth floor. – Said the man. I quickly explained what I wanted, the person proposed to solve my problem immediately. It turned out that the elevator of the NSU only works on the sixth and tenth floors. (He has such a bazik!) But this time, either because of the presence of a hitchhiker, or because of the heat, he agreed to leave until the sixth. The remaining four floors we had to climb the stairs. I went up with a backpack and I sweated from the tenth floor. Led by a man at the door I ended up in a bright office with air conditioning and fax-copier. Computers dressed in white shirts and ties, drinking coffee in expensive cups Feeling downcast after the man, I put the backpack on a soft floor and I filled the room with the smell of sweat from my dirty t-shirt. Suddenly, they jumped out of their seats and left the room, apparently to bring cold mineral water to the “traveler” and free access to the computer.

It turns out that a company providing Internet access via antennas has been located, so that the phone remains free. (As a rule, the connection is via a telephone line).

After drinking water and writing a letter, I went to the window, from where a beautiful panorama of the city opened. I was shown using binoculars where to stay in Academgorodok and how to get to Ob.

In the street, I stuck “Zhiguli” to the other side of the Ob River. After crossing a long bridge, he took a bath with soap and washed a t-shirt. The central beach was in front, many people were bathing! It was very unusual for me that such a large river had such a powerful current. On my shore, there was a wild beach with shrubs, in which, with a strong desire, you could spend the night.

When swimming, I noticed that the soap on the body surface was disappearing very quickly and the water on the skin was gathering in droplets – a sign that the water is too “soft” – somewhere, something is drained into River …

After bathing, I bought pita bread and kefir, went to the nearest bench in the public garden and prepared a snack. It turned out that I was sitting on Voskhod Street, in the house of the 28th, and on which is located the regional station of young tourists (SYTUR). I found the house quickly and here is where the house is, even the inhabitants of that yard did not know it. Finally, looking for an invisible house, I went to an office where I called by the phone available. The employees at this office have heard of Sytur. They were even invited to New Year’s Eve, but they did not know where he was. Finally, they discovered by phone that 28-ka is a kindergarten hidden in the trees at the back of the yard. While visiting Sytur, I met several people who have not yet had the time to go home. I had been told that there would be a local historian in the morning, from whom I could get all the information that would interest me about the city of Novosibirsk.

From Syutur I called the second one I got from Krotov. (Remember “Visiting Vlad”?). Having received an invitation to visit, after changing two cars, he went directly to the house on the right and was warmly welcomed by Vlad and his mother, Zinaida Timofyevna. Mom was a little angry at Krotov because he described her as “Zyuganov’s lover,” but overall she was very good at the next registrar. Vlad himself was seriously ill and asked to be handed over to Krotov so that he could not enter and no one was to give his address in the future.

After washing, after washing, we had dinner with buckwheat and, after long conversations, we finally went to bed.

In the region of Irkutsk Taishet
On locomotives – faster ?