Marsa Alam Resort, Egypt

Marsa Alam is a young but very promising seaside resort that is starting to gain popularity in the tourist market. In addition to those already built, 150 other recently built hotels line up. The main attraction of Marsa Alam – the largest and most equipped diving center in the region. Last minute excursions to Egypt, at Marsa Allam, are actively acquired by divers from all over the world. Seaport construction and landscaping works with parking for 250 yachts. At the end of the project in the harbor, two thousand yachts and boats will be able to use the anchor car park.

The central attraction of this holiday resort is the primitive coral coast of the Red Sea. Here, clear and limpid water, rich fauna and flora underwater. The benefits of this place: the silence and serenity of desert life, the comfort of diving from the shore, beautiful coastal reefs, turtles, sleeping sharks, simple dives – all levels of preparation.

Probably because of this, there is a diving school in the seaside resort for about 10 years. It should be noted that almost all resorts in Egypt have diving schools. Thirst for learning to swim can take a course of varying complexity under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

Recreational diving programs consist of interesting boat trips with immersion at any time of the day. Dolphins House or “Dolphin House”: a giant horseshoe-shaped reef, crystal-clear water and, interestingly, seaweed growing on the sea floor. It is not surprising that you meet dolphins in this place. By the way, almost all coastal hotels in Egypt are facing the sea, so you will have the opportunity to see the dolphins directly from your room.

The reef of Marsa Alam is full of varied fish that you can no longer meet in the habitats of Hurghada. Abu Dabbab Reef – clear water, unmarked coral pillars, rising from the depths of the water at the surface, rare fish species. The reef of Elphistoune is small and has vertical walls extending into the depths of the stranger. These walls are fully “dressed” with all kinds of hard and soft corals, butterfly flies and parrot fish shakes.

Shaab Samadai: A large coral reef, also has a horseshoe-like appearance. The bottom is covered with algae around which groups of coral fish swim. Shaab Sharm is a large hammerhead reef covered with coral plants, rich in malabar, coral inhabitants and barracuda.

Abu Galawa: The reef is in shallow water, surrounded by beautiful coral gardens. Zabargad Reef – night diving enthusiasts, the deepest reef – 25 m. Here you can enjoy unique malachite corals, crocodile fish and octopus.

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