On Grushinsky-98, Baikal

Fifteen minutes from the first (hereinafter – Moscow time) landed at Togliatti, at the intersection of the highway and the railway line towards Samara. At half-past twelve, I arrived at the station. The station is empty. Two hitchhikers sit on a bench at the entrance: Sergey Chistov and Anya Kapitanova arrived an hour ago from Yaroslavl . We drove for a very long time, were tired and now try to fall asleep on the bench, but … the bad Grisha came and get acquainted – to change their address.

I went to the sink in the free toilet. Rewriting the train schedule. First train – at 15:45. The fare instead “135 km” – 6p60kop. For Samara – 20r70kop.! (I became completely crazy – I will go to Krasnoyarsk for this money!)

I went to see Sergey and Anya. Waiting for the “dog”, we get the bikes, give “VV” I treat cucumbers “with buttons”, which my pockets are filled, thanks to the perseverance of the driver (and if he wore watermelons ?!) another person comes (she turned out to be also a hitchhiker) without a backpack, but with a glass jar in a weak hand. At the bank – beer. Explain:

The duty officer at the station chased them out of the police station: “… I know you, spend the night here every day! …” But they did not have to mourn long time. Soon, the beer vendor approached them and invited all those waiting, including several Togliatti tourists, to settle in his booth.

It turned out that a girl – birthday! Then “river poured beer …” When they finally returned to the station, it was obvious that everyone was drinking at least half a bucket of beer! I still gave all the “VV”, the birthday girl had to do the gift registration.

Disputing over Bishop’s delights in the beer stands, got on the approached train. The cashier never opened. An aunt dachnitsa asked us: “And where are the tickets, huh?” I convinced her that one of the wisest ways to travel by electric train was to sit in the train stations where (when) . ) The box is closed. And do not deceive anyone, and you go for free! “The cashier was closed” – and the whole conversation.

Offering beer to all the people in the car (beer lovers – go to the Tolyatti Festival by the first train!), Drive to the platform “135 km”.

Together descended from the mountains. parted to the classifieds . Yaroslavl found theirs. I did not find the “Sages” left for the Children’s Republic, look for KSPshnikov from Ulyanovsk. Not found. He set up a tent at last year’s parking site and went to bed.

I woke up at half past ten and immediately saw in the central street Anton Krotov and Ruslan Kokorin . I decided to move in with them and, at the same time, to take a place for Shanintsi .

Every hour, people have all arrived. The people who came from Samara and Togliatti by train were coming down the mountain, and those who arrived by bus came to the main street. All went to the press center and bulletin board to find out which of their friends had already arrived and where to look for them. The wisest Anton Krotov , who came to trade in Scientific Books, took his place at the intersection of these two “strategic” human flows. Due to the fact that 200,000 guests and participants were expected at the Jubilee Festival, the organizers decided to transfer all the businesses outside Polyana . Anton had to leave the “heated place” and buy a “trading place” at the end of Torzhischa , near the “Free Wind”. However, from Thursday to Friday, there was a “hitchhiking literature exhibition” at Camp Hitch. The wise have given advice to all those interested in scientific methods Whiskoc collected addresses and books advertised. Outside of concerts, most of the time, I was free to give “free winds” and to agitate people: to subscribe to the best newspaper; buy in editorial literature on tourism, mountaineering, author song and survival.

The process of giving “free winds” was as follows:

After the rain, on the dirty and slippery road (the organizers did not realize it for 20 years, people go to the central streets of Polyana with at least some gravel?) People walk with backpacks and thick bags; to them – other people carrying containers with water or loads of firewood. Near the hitch camp, a man approaches (slips into the mud?) And pulls a newspaper. Depending on the interests of the people, I would say one of the following sentences:

1) – Please, take the newspaper as a gift from the hitchhikers of Moscow …

2) – Journal as a gift. “Free Wind” – the only newspaper for travel enthusiasts.

3) Freebie ! The newspaper “Free Wind” – FREE! Each issue contains documentation about the author’s song, take it! …

4) – Please take a newspaper with my article as a gift.

A sort of “frequency” immediately raised people’s mood. Those who had already scolded (aloud and to themselves) and this dirt, and this feast … and those organizers … who were not building “normal” roads … After receiving an interesting journal like gift, people rejoiced, forgot the rain and dirt and smiled:

– It’s awesome! thank you so much

– Oh! Grushinka ! Have you seen? (neighbor) – a freebie!

– Is it possible for a friend?

– And I already have! – Let’s go get another number …

Soon, I get “competitors”, girls who distribute the R .. T cud . Behind them, a crowd of endless children. I do not understand how you can chew this ha … spine?

Friday, the life of the festival “is gaining momentum”. In the evening, I go to concerts that last until the early hours of the morning. Sometimes even forget to eat. The trade of the wisest books is already done in parallel: both in the clearing and in the Torzhische … I try to give each buyer “VV”, I get to know, I collect addresses. In our camp, there are more than a dozen hitchhikers, mainly AVPs (representatives of the Academy of Free Travel of the Moscow Club) and MShashniki (of the Moscow Hitchhiking School) ). PLASovtsy (St Petersburg Hitchhikers’ League) comes to visit them – they stand in a different place, in the shade. In the evening, the ULTRAVTS (hitchhiking teams) look very impressive in the new “glowing” combination.

Krotov , invited all interested people Friday at 4 pm to listen to the story of a trip to India. So many people have come that I (who did not go to India!) Tear the tent. Indo- food – you had to!

“Free Wind” number 32, with my article already ending. Now, I do not give to everyone.

Yes, here is Oleg Mityaev coming in front of us – please, you have a diary! …

Here’s a girl, Krotov asks about hitchhiking – and you have the same diary …

Here is a big company. Where from Samara? And your newspaper. Read my article on the tenth page, talk to your friends!

I record new songs on the recorder during concerts. Unfortunately, they are not as numerous as we would like. To my great joy, I was able to record new songs from A. Ivashchenko and G. Vasiliev . I can not afford to buy a cassette. After the concert, I approached them behind the scenes, everyone rushed for autographs. He came and said thank you for mentioning the word “AUTOSTOP” in the new song. He asked them if they were interested in the “real” hitchhiker. They said they read an English book on the Internet “Hitch- Hiking – the Universal Universe “(if I understood correctly). I immediately proposed to meet and talk about hitchhiking (I would like a song to be written about it), I promised to give them a book in Russian (PEP) … Alexey Igorevich and Georgy Leonidovich agreed (probably to fall behind) and asked them “Where and when ? .

Replied: “In the evening, in Gostiny Dvor … “I came three times – and I did not find them – it’s not surprising -” Iwasi “is in great demand!

I photograph my favorite trio “Cartoons”, bathes in the Volga, sunbathing – everything is beautiful!

During the concert on the guitar managed to get almost to the stage. I was sitting 50 meters away, although I forgot my glasses in the tent – I saw something, but it was very audible – the speakers were on the mast, just above my head . I remember the concert that Alexander Dulov was particularly well received. In general – the bards, as they say, “the sea”! Not only noticed Nikitin and Gorodnitsky .

I go to the market regularly. I am looking for what’s new: buy kvass in a barrel of 2 to 50 liters. Always come back with a pack of newspapers – to distribute. I bought a good xivnik (special wallet on a chain, with lots of pockets) for 22 rubles. I had planned to buy it before departure, here I could only choose in the variety of models. Now every type of business card (I have four) – in a special pocket, very convenient.

Saw favorite hiking hats from the tarpaulin. Sweet, broad-bred – long wanted that. The price is not great – only 20 rubles. But … the costs “on the hat” in my meager budget are not provided. Decided to have a hat “scientific” method:

At first, I tried – the saleswoman said, “How do you like it!” I replied with a sigh, “I know” and I complained about the lack of money “for the hat”. There were no more buyers and I told him I was going to Baikal, about hitchhiking and the wisest methods of living without money. She said that: “… she really loved me. She is happy that such people still exist … but I do not give up the hat for 10 rubles, as I ask, she does not agree. In the evening, I came back to see her and presented her the newspaper “Free Wind”. Then, when she read my article, she offered to swap her hat for the wisest books …

In the end, that day, everything ended with this conversation:

– … I would be nothing, but only my husband would scold him.

– Where is the husband? I’ll talk to him myself …

“He works here as a rescuer …”

– Oh! Once a rescuer means a tourist. Of course, we will agree. How to find it?

“It will only be tomorrow …”

– no problem. Tomorrow I will come. Let him read the newspaper for now.

On Sunday, I see a husband and a child standing nearby. I ride:

– Good afternoon . Have you read the article?

– Yes I have read.

– So what did you decide?

– We consulted with us here … and decided … to give you this hat for free!

– ?! …

“Yes … anyway, ten rubles, it’s not money.”

I thank them thankfully. I give PVP to the newspaper. Sign the address and invite to visit. Initially, we exchanged business cards. Hurray! Science has won! Berdnikov Andrey of Samara! If you read these lines – Thanks! The hat is very good, went through the whole trip and still serves it correctly.

To celebrate, with a new hat, I will buy a bottle of Fanta two liters (I already accepted the loss of ten rubles, especially since Fanta, it’s like a glass of hitchhiking). At dinner, after pouring 40 grams of confiscated goods “to his brother”, we all drink him together for a successful “purchase” of hat and Anton says to toast “for Grigory’s successful trip to Baikal!” Everyone was gay. In fact, the food was full, because Krotov changed the books he sold at free food prices: stew, potatoes, pasta, cereals, etc.

Here, the idea struck me. He ran to Coca-Cola, took a large sheet of white cardboard. I write the text with color markers:

Dear friends! Why do you need to carry the remaining products in this high mountain? It is better to leave the hitchhikers. Place the unloading of additional products here.

The results exceeded all expectations. People returning home dragged backpacks through the clearing in the heat. And so, they reach the mountain. (I must tell you that the climb to the mountain is very steep and, in addition, in the sand). Here, they see our poster and see it as a gift of fate.

In short. Monday at noon, we had just a “mountain of food”. A bag of selected potatoes, onions, pasta of all kinds, tea, cereals, sugar and even spices for the pilaf! We finished canning and other stews on the spot because we had to climb “this mountain” ourselves . The people who left us products if you read these lines, thanks!

In the region of Irkutsk Taishet
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