The arrival in Ashram of sai baba “prashanti nilayam”

So, two weeks after my dismissal on Saturday morning at seven, I arrived at the Ashram. Successfully arrived in a taxi about an hour and a half from the airport, we slowly left the car while the trunk was already pulled by carriers who were waiting for its opening and we could fight to seize our business. I looked at it stupidly, knowing that they should pay for it, but I did not know how to get rid of it. Lena, apparently, was in the same state. As a result, they raised our single baggage on the second floor and demanded, in my opinion, not less than 50 rupees. As a result of the procedure, Lena gave them only 20, so they were terribly dissatisfied. Thus, from the first minutes, we have already been confronted with the impudence of some local people who, in my opinion, considered their only task to deceive foreigners and take them more money, despising them and maybe even hating them, that is to say we (probably, they felt the same attitude towards themselves). The good news is that this category of people is not the only one here, and there are others too!

We were denied accommodation in a double room under the pretext of the upcoming vacation, so we occupied the room of eight and were the first. The cost of a place in such a room is lean, in my opinion, about 35 rupees (23 rubles) a day. Apparently, it was already empty for a long time, because there was a lot of dust and, in general, it produced an uninhabited form. Certainly, there is still something of the previous owners, for example, buckets, pots, economic circles.

I already changed the bed three times – I was looking for the right one! Since I decided to choose the mattress, the first bed I liked turned out to be close to the window and the door and to go. I immediately went to bed next door, but deep in the room, and at the same time, I dragged a mattress on it. I must say that the mattress was impressive: wide, straight and hard, made of coconut chips and, probably, new.

But the location of this second bed was also uncomfortable: under the beam, on the side of Lenin’s legs, as well as in the alley, that is to say in the middle of the room. Therefore, having slept on it in the morning, I nevertheless moved to the furthest bed in the corner of the room near the toilet. Here, it suited me in all respects, especially with my already chosen mattress! By the way, when we left this room seven days later, I never saw such mattresses anywhere else, and even more than that, I came across some terrible mattresses !!!

When we arrived at the ashram, we faced two global tasks: exchanging money and buying bed linen and appropriate clothing. I do not even talk about eating and sleeping, but about getting there almost a day. I was later convinced that it was just my plans, Lena’s plans, as well as the overall tasks, were to go around the ashram, if there were any, to go to town and to find where there was, and also!

We went for breakfast in the European dining room and Lena took me to the commercial center of the same ashram. I watched in a crazy way his movements in the center, where everything was foreign and incomprehensible to me, and all the rest was in English! She took care of herself and Punjabi, sari and bedding. I only bought bed linen because I realized that I really did not choose anything that suits me here and that I’m just not in good shape.

At the same time, we, and in my opinion especially, the Indians condemned and criticized their uniforms, which was evident not only to the eyes, but also aggravated by the direct treatment of the abuses.

All of this finally hit me and I felt terrible fear, nostalgia and despair because I did not know how to get out of it all. Everything seemed aggressive, incomprehensible, foreign and scary. I wanted to hide, not to see and hear nothing.

Therefore, when, after the mall, Lena dragged me in search of clothes outside the ashram, I turned around and went to the room to rest and, if I could, sleep .

In a room on a beautiful mattress, two thoughts came to my mind, which gave me hope and helped me gain self-confidence. First, if I do not understand something, I can still admit it. And secondly, if I do not like something, I can always turn around and leave this place.

Therefore, after seeing Lena in the new Punjabi and sleeping, I came out with a quiet horror in the city outside the ashram. Different doors are intended for entry and exit, so you first have to find a suitable exit!

The street of the city is beautiful with screams, beeps, a crowd of people, traffic and noise, as well as an abundance of signs. Moreover, they are all naturally in English, which is absolutely incomprehensible for what they are referring to and where is what they are informing about.

The merchants frighten them by shouting, shouting greetings in Russian and at the same time their pleasantly lax behavior.

Since the bank at Saturday’s Ashram does not work, then by some closed doors for nap (ie in our lunch) with bank or exchange office, I found an open exchange and with great suspicion for such operations in such a place exchanged money. Then they almost threw me at Rs 900 when I wanted to buy a SIM card for the phone. I wanted to sell it for 1,000 rupees and when my heart always took me out of these ornate corridors, it turned out that it cost about 100 rupees, while the proposed rates were strange and nothing was written as a call in Russia. Therefore, remembering my saving thoughts, I left without buying a SIM card, after apologizing and saying that I did not understand anything!

Then I decided to go to the first store, in the second, and I always bought Punjabi cotton (wide pants and long shirt) and cotton pants – Alladins with a blouse and, of course, with a silk scarf, otherwise the movement is simply unthinkable! In fact, because of the absence of this notorious scarf, my spirit and morality have suffered such attacks from the Indians, perhaps even because of my 20 centimeters of bare ankle.

By the way, the merchant, one might say, speaks very good Russian and my fear of not being able to explain what I want in English was not justified this time.

Absolutely happy, I went to the body and the arriving Indians smiled and greeted me “Sai Ram!”, Which was very nice!

The shopkeeper in the shop said that the evening at six o’clock he could indicate where to buy a SIM card. Therefore, Lena and I did not go inside Darshan Hall for evening darshan (because I thought we could not leave here before the end of Darshan), but we were sitting on the sidewalk behind Darshan Hall, where everything was heard but nothing was visible. In the end, there was essentially nothing to look at, because, as the Russian woman sitting next to me explained, instead of Sai Baba, no one turned to the people. And inside, they read the Vedas in Sanskrit and sang bhajans.

Not having reached the end of darshan, Lena and I went to buy our SIM cards, defying all the rules regarding the need for photos, copies of passport pages, work permits.

I do not remember when I first went to Darshan, probably on the second day of the morning and maybe only in the evening. I remember there was a reluctance to go there and a desire to delay this moment as much as possible. I also remember, on the first day of our arrival, noises of reading and annoying songs, which came from the speakers almost all along the ashram during the darshan.

Curiously, after, I missed almost no darshan, whether morning or evening. And in a way, she even told Dasha that I could not sacrifice darshan for something she offered. The voices of the speakers were no longer boring, and if by chance I was not at that time inside Darshan Hall, I remember that I sometimes sang with those voices. How things change when our attitude towards it changes.

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