What you need to know about air travel

If you have chosen a plane to go to the seaside resorts or simply to visit historical places, we recommend you to follow some tips so that the flight is not a problem and does not spoil your project.

Without a doubt the main question for “pioneers” in the field of tourism or travel, how many things can you bring with you? There are freight rules that allow citizens to carry a load of less than 10 kg. However, some airlines are increasing this limit to 20-30 kg. The amount of freight you can take with you increases if you get high class seats. For example, 10kg. for the economy and ending 60kg. for the elite class. It should also be noted that there is a rule that allows items to be carried in the cabin, called “hand luggage”. Its weight should not exceed 5 kg, but there are exceptions.

Well, sort of with the calculated weight, let’s talk now about those things that you can not even take with you on a plane or in a luggage. Forbidden: aerosols, matches and lighters, nail files and scissors. The transported liquid must not exceed 100 ml and must be packed in a transparent bag.

The most important task is to arrive at the airport on time. Okay, if the plane leaves without you, you will not be happy. Please note!, You will need to be registered, pass a customs inspection and complete a customs declaration. On an international flight, check-in ends 40 minutes and on domestic flights 30 minutes before departure.
But there is one more thing: if you do not have enough room in a company or first class, the most cunning tourists are registered in the bottom row. There are cases where passengers with economy class tickets are placed in elite classes, but do not forget the risk.

Before sitting on a chair, make sure you have all the necessary documents – passports, airline tickets, tickets, driver’s license. During take-off and landing, you should always have juice or water near you. Sometimes flight attendants even give candies. Take the cabin and the jacket. And if you sit by the window, ask for a blanket.

If, during the flight, you feel dizzy, try to concentrate, look at any fixed and resting object. If you are worried about tinnitus or if you fix them, take the candy with you and the problem will be solved.

Yes, by the way, the funds for nausea and motion sickness should be taken 30 minutes before departure. Then, they will certainly act when the plane starts to climb.

During the long flight, walk a few times. If necessary, do a light massage. If you have vein problems, buy compression stockings.

Consider that the air in the booth is dry and the body inevitably loses the necessary liquid supply. You must drink more water and juice. Try not to drink coffee or alcohol to reduce dehydration.

If a little child is flying with you, do not forget to bring with you new toys, books, coloring books – anything that can catch your attention during the flight. If you are about to become a mother, you should consult your doctor before the flight. Airlines generally allow women to fly from the 7th month of pregnancy.

Finally, finally, about unforeseen situations. If you arrive at the airport in advance and pass the bags to the weight and forget the ticket at home at the piano, contact the airline immediately. You will be asked to complete a claim and then you will receive another ticket. You may have to pay for it.

Another problem – your flight is delayed indefinitely? If it is delayed 6 hours or more at night or 8 hours a day, the airline is obliged to provide you with a hotel and provide you with food. At his own expense, of course! If the delay is greater than 24 hours, the airline must give you a certain amount for the purchase of essential items. And then do not refuse anything.

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