Where do tourists from Krasnoyarsk live ?

Already at 7 am, I was at the post office “like a cucumber.” It turned out that I spent the night a few meters from the bridge over the Kiya River . The position was not suitable for hitchhiking because the road was narrow and the steep slopes in front of the bridge left no room for a sidewalk. At the station, three militiamen “wounded”. Despite the external differences, they stopped and inspected the cars with the same intensity. One of them was wearing a uniform and a cap; another – in a uniform and a cap; the third – in non-uniform sports pants, flip-flops and a green t-shirt. How can I “serve” in such “outfit”, remains a mystery to me.

After staying at this position for 55 minutes, I wanted to eat and I got into the “local” car, asking the driver to take it “to the nearest unit”. At 8 am, I bought hot bread at a village store and headed for the dining room opposite. After breakfast in the dining room, I went on the highway in the center of the village, which was called for some reason the jetty. After 10 minutes, he left with a young couple for a quick “Kopek” in Krasnoyarsk .

At 11:25, 15 km from Achinsk , around Pillar 335, I saw a hitchhiker with a thick black backpack who was voting towards Moscow. We crossed the Chulym River and went to the city of Achinsk . Like other cities in Siberia, this city had many pipes. “Young” wanted to visit a big store in Achinsk , but it turned out to be a day off on Sunday.

On the river, Big Kemchug organized a stop for lunch. The river itself, unlike the name, turned out to be small and narrow. The people who took me home from the village and for lunch, we ate fresh bread with boiled eggs, smoked bacon and homemade kvass. I had an egg with two yellows. It amused everyone, but I thought it was very bad for Siberian ecology, but I did not say a word.

Before arriving in Krasnoyarsk , these people unexpectedly decided to visit the aunt in the Village of the Name of the 13 combatants. I was dropped at the turn. The place was inconvenient and I had to walk to the nearest trough near the river, where it was more convenient to vote. Half an hour later, a Tatar from the “Six” came to get me. First, we stopped at Yemelyanovo local airport , where the driver was working as a chef at the boiler room. From his office I called the only one I had in Krasnoyarsk , a certain Pasha. Pasha was not at home. The tube was apparently taken by his father. He did not know when Pacha would be here and I promised to call later.

From the airport to Krasnoyarsk , the road was downright excellent. The surrounding landscape has attracted all my attention. We drove the sign “KRASNOYARSK” and I quickly left the car near the house where Pashin’s apartment was .

To my surprise, no one rang the bell. After sitting down, “for decency” at the entrance until nine o’clock, I went to the door “VV” with the assigned message which, they say, “was, but did not find? “. Since I no longer had Krasnoyarsk Viss , there was only one way out: spend the night in a tent. I thought of setting up a tent near the porch as a blasphemy for Pasha, after having carefully thought about the question “Where can you spend the night in Krasnoyarsk under a tent?” I remembered the existence of certain columns of Krasnoyarsk. As I have heard, the pillars of Krasnoyarsk are a resting place for many mountaineers, somewhere near the city. And once we have Sunday, there will be so many people with whom you can make friends, etc. How to get there worried me the least, because For some reason, I was sure the cars were going there.

After leaving Pasha’s court, I wrote a postcard to my parents because I did not know when I would be in a big city to send a letter over the Internet.

Try to make an enriched sit-systop , bringing very interesting information:

It turns out that you have to go to the poles on the other side of Yenissei and cross the bridge only by special passes. The drivers advised to take the bus and move the Yenisei .

The bus was labeled “TAXI ROAD”. A man was sitting by the only door and was recovering a ruble and a half from outgoing passengers. It was possible to enter the “taxi” for free. Crossing the bridge over a wide and fast river, I thought about the fate that awaits a man who refuses to pay? Tickets “man at the exit” did not give anyone, how do they control the Tax Inspectorate? So I took the bus a second time for this trip.

By paying, I asked the “man” how to get to the Poles. Like many other “civilized people”, he began to explain to me where and on which buses I could go up and down …

I walked along Matrosov Street to its intersection with the railway, then turned right into Sverdlov Street . On the way, I asked passers-by to make sure it was this street that became the Divnogorsk road.

Sistopil ten minutes. All the drivers said they had gone out in town. Finally, a young man from the ” Zaporozhets ” drove me far enough from the ” Yenisei ” station. It was already the outskirts of the city and I quickly took the “Lada” “before the pillars”. The driver parked on a dark road, leaving in thickets and said:

– Well, here you are. Up to the pillars 7 km higher. After 2 km – barrier. Other cars are not allowed – Reserve.

– And how can I get to the pillars?

– walk. To buckle. There you are going to ask.

– And the “cord” cars drive?

– Rarely. Now, at noon, no one will leave.

– thanks, I’ll go there. On the contrary, I spend the night at the edge of the road.

– Well, happy for you!

– Goodbye.

I’m going up in the dark. Stream left creek. It’s cold. From above, two silhouettes meet. Yes, I think now they will steal me “on the dark road” …

Male voice of black:

– Are there matches?

And if it’s a Stolbist ? We must come meet us.

– Yes, but in a backpack. I’m going to get it now.

– Wait, wait … – A young man with a girl looks at me in the face. – Did I see you somewhere ? .. Where are you from? ..

So, the question is what you need!

– I wonder where you saw me? Guess where I come from ?!

– You early July in the “holes” you have not climbed?

– Sorry, “The holes” are caves?

– Yes, the caves …

– In any case, at the beginning of July, I was at the Grushinsky festival …

– Wow! Here you come from!

– Yes, actually, I’m not really out of there. I’m hitchhiking from Moscow to Baikal …

This is how new knowledge is made. The guy with the girl knows this Pasha, which I waited in vain at the entrance. It turned out that he came to meet me an hour ago … Yes, they were “missed”!

I state the problem of the collar pocket. The guy explains, “When you walk behind the fence, there will be wooden steps on the slope. You will reach the third house, the highest one. We knock on the right door. Open Katya , tell her “what and how” – she will write. ”

Go see Kate. Kate immediately agreed to write to me and showed the ladder in the attic. It was dry there. Two foam mats and a sheepskin coat were laid. The light was on. He dragged a backpack along the ladder, broken down. Before going to bed, I drank tea with Katya and agreed to postpone the detailed inquiries the next morning – after all, the local time has already passed at two in the morning.

The attic was quiet and comfortable. The mosquitoes did not bother me, I quickly fell asleep slowly.

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