2055/5000 Traveling by car in Bulgaria: Part 1

Report on the trip to Bulgaria

Itinerary: Russia (N.Novgorod) – Ukraine – Romania – Bulgaria – Romania – Moldova – Ukraine – Russia (N.Novgorod).

Part 1

Crew: 3 adults, 2 children (4 and 10 years old):

Lech is the permanent pilot and the undisputed leader of our forced march. He even has a t-shirt – “I’m responsible here.” It includes maps, roads, roads, cars … It is understood, protected, fed the first and awoke the last.

Svetlana, it’s me. The ideological inspirer of the trip was driven by car, and not like all normal people, by plane, the eternal inventor “where to go to see something”, the absolute zero on maps and roads, I only know super ! “and” we must arrive necessarily, necessarily … ”

Tatyana Dmitrievna, she is “grandmother”, formerly “Baska” is our constant ally in travel, supports all our foolish beginnings, evaluates all our crazy ideas – and, above all, she really loves. Like me, obsessed with minerals, flowers and coins, and also a little klepto.

Antoshka, age 10 – the most elephant crewman. All the time, something falls, falls, breaks (“I’m not special”). Grandmother says it’s an age (what is it? !!) and it will come later … She also likes to ask silly questions, that tired travelers usually stop … tired. At the same time, she seeks to help everyone in everything, likes to tinker with Sanya (see below).

Sasha, age 4 – the smallest and most boring member of the crew. She stoically undergoes all the tests prepared for her by her crazy parents – she got used to it, she was born and after a month she went to Cheget – and that says it all. Sometimes she can get in trouble and attract those around her, but at the right time she can make an innocent grimace and snap her long lashes – and she says goodbye …

Third day: Radauti-Bran (Bucovina to Transylvania)
Second day: Kiev-Radauti (Romania)