A little food

To be continued … Upstream of mountain roads, including non-tourists, familiarization with representatives of nationalities with their strange traditions, the mountain resort of Sapa, where tourists are assimilated to cows, traveling in trains Terrible, marble mountains with caves, Halong Bay, the ancient capital of Hue, The most physical city of culture is Hanoi, the museum of ethnology and the museum of the memory of the war of America, the Mekong Delta and the Kairan Floating Market, among others.

The main local dish in Vietnam is Fo soup, a large soup plate. In the soup noodles, herbs and small pieces of pork or chicken.

Soup “Fo”

You can buy rice with sauce at the point of sale in the street for 15 cents (at least I saw it in Hue). But you have to try. As this is a price for the local people, they always try to sell everything to more expensive tourists, and sometimes. Therefore, you can ask the local to buy you.

But this is a tip for those who want to set a record by minimizing costs))) I have never bought a serving of rice on the street.

The breakfast in the hotels is included in the price.

We ate and dined for about 3 to 5. This is a couple of dishes.

This type of dumplings, but for some reason open. They are called “white rose”.

There were some pompous places where you can eat from 6 and even 15 for each dish.

Well, if you want to eat a snake, which will be killed when you drink it and drink its blood. Even if I did not recognize it precisely, it could be cheaper somewhere.

Vietnamese Army
In the courtyard of the museum …