Akademgorodok, the other Silicon Valley of Russia

At 10 am, I waited at Syutur. A little late for the double breakfast that Mother Vlada had prepared for me. (All the same – thanks a lot to her) I came in 10-30 hours. Negotiated with the local historian, rewriting information for the future description of “VE”. Further on, I went to the Museum of Local Traditions near Lenin Square. Unfortunately, he has a weekend from Friday to Saturday. Near a beautiful multi-jet fountain. It is said that at night, it is illuminated by colored lights, but it was now noon and the fountain was good, because some small splashes spread and pleasantly cool pedestrians. Of course, it was impossible not to take pictures near this fountain. It helped me two girls. (Oh, rare case!) I was photographed by a girl and the picture was clear, usually they are mutually exclusive circumstances, all girls seem to have “talent”,

Sverdlov Square arrived by foot while eating ice cream. At the beginning of the trip, I decided to allow myself to buy ice cream in all major cities. Here is the building of the photo gallery. At the end of the building is the Kunstkamera exhibition in St. Petersburg. I did not go to see her because it was barely a month ago, looked at St. Petersburg. But with great pleasure, I looked at the exhibition in the Photo Gallery (they even offered me a “free” ticket). The mountain landscapes of Roerich are impressive – there are about 70 paintings in two rooms. In general, the museum is very large, beautiful and diverse, there is even Khokhloma and Palekh.

After inspecting the gallery, I went down the street Kommunisticheskaya. The number 3 of the house is located at the tourist club of Novosibirsk. Good Leningrad tents, backpacks, however, are excessively expensive. There are few fittings, but a considerable amount of gear for fishermen – there are many people who passionately discuss the pros and cons of a tiny piece of iron that I could not see right away .

When they left the store they took Krasny Avenue and went to Akademgorodok in two cars. There are several interesting museums here, but I did not know where to look for them. Then I stopped the jeep again and asked the driver to take me to a museum. He took me to Central University and told me that over there, it is said that there is a bulletin board and that he is still hanging somewhere. But that day, for whatever reason, no information about the exhibition museums was published. Then I went to the first available office and asked the woman who worked there about the Academgorodok museums. According to her, all worked until 5 pm and the local time was already 4:30 pm.

The first thing I directed to the Geological Institute, because there was the mineralogical museum. Along the way, I immersed myself in the life of the Akademgorodok, comparing it to the Institutsky part of Dubna: two grizzled men in sports shorts are therefore jogging – probably academics. Here, near the shop, parking for bicycles. Roads are built among the trees, there are of course hedgehogs and squirrels. Many paths winding between pines and birches … In short, I felt back in my native Dubna, as if I had been at home!

The Institute of Geology was hiding among the trees. The museum did not have a clear closing schedule, I was allowed to wander “until we leave”. In the great hall, there were many boxes of glass and glass with stones: beautiful, interesting, ugly and absolutely incomprehensible. I walked, looked, read tablets and pictures, but most of the terms did not tell me anything. It was very interesting to watch samples of lunar soil and meteorite rocks. All kinds of agate-gems were represented very widely, in all their varieties and inclusions.

The next museum, Paleontological, was in the Institute of History. It seemed like they had the time machine and they were going to hunt mammoths at the pre-glacial time. Mammoth, however, only his skeleton, met me with a stasis at the entrance to the main hall. The guard explained that the museum had recently moved to a new building, but there is no point in going there, because everyone has already gone home.

In Novosibirsk Sytur, they advised me to visit, as they said, “the unique museum of the sun” at the Academgorodok, located at Ivanova Street 11. I immediately thought: you have to go, there are so many scientists, it’s better than here, they will not talk about the sun in any institute. They also told me it was his new address. The Sun Museum had recently moved into the building of the former kindergarten. While I was looking for this address, I said to myself: why in kindergarten? After all, there are probably hundreds of instruments for observing magnetic storms and other bulky goods for various solar science ?!

Having traveled a certain distance on the route and having walked another 15 minutes, I found the building in question. Surprisingly, neither observation towers nor radio telescopes are visible on the building – they have probably hidden everything! – I thought. There were no signs on the doors and they were locked. I started asking passers-by to find the sun museum. Alas! Many people have heard about it and one person has even said he knows the creator of the museum. But where to find the museum – no one knew! I went for a walk in the kindergarten and, on the other side, I found … a bakery! “Sunny bread” is cheap. In the bakery, I was finally told: “Enter the other side of the building, there will be a sign at the entrance.”

And now, I’m standing in front of the old wooden door. On the door, with a pin, pinned a child’s drawing with the watercolor – a yellow sun with rays … With the same painting under the picture, the inscription “SUN MUSEUM” and voila. No working hours, no weekends, no phone. On the padlock door. I felt hurt that such a “unique museum” was apparently out of favor. After some thought, I began to ask passers-by further, deciding to know the fate of the museum. Soon, they explained to me that the creator of the museum had a basement at number 13, where, most likely, he now lives. Well, I think his stuff is really bad if we’re trapped in a damp basement and even in the house.

The basement turned out to be the “Sun” kids club. There was a wood workshop where the creator of the sun museum really lived. His name, unfortunately, was forgotten, but it was a bearded, “solar” man, I would say, look. He was helped by a Ira girl. We were colleagues with her, she is also a teacher in higher education. We all arrived at the museum, opened the castle, went up to the second floor and saw the eyes … dozens of images carved from the sun on a tree hanging in a large room.

After reviewing all the stands and thanking the “Creator” for his efforts, we went back to the basement to drink tea and listen to the hitchhiking talk. Finally, I introduced the “Creator” with “VV” and Irina expressed her desire to buy PVP. Speaking of my life as a traveler, I went to the bus stop with Irina, where she offered to travel with her to the Institute of Computer Science, where you could send a letter home via the Internet.

For the first time of the whole trip (and for the first time this month), I was driving a bus and, honestly, I gave the chef a half-ruble. We sat down with Irina and talked enthusiastically about hitch-hiking when the bus passed the necessary stop. It turns out (I had completely forgotten how to get on the bus!) It was necessary to go ahead (!) At the door, the bus stopped. So we had to go to the next stop, called the “Institute of Nuclear Physics”.

– wah! – I said – yes, physicists, – my brothers are parents, we could say, since childhood!

– Yes, but there is bandwidth. You will not be allowed! – Against Irina.

– It’s someone who still does not want to leave! – She cried out of the bus and saying goodbye.

Waving a hand in the next bus, I headed straight for the main entrance of the Institute of Nuclear Physics. There were turnstiles and the physicists showed the guard the “expanded form pass”. The passes had the same appearance as in their own JINR.

– Hello, – I said to the guard, – I came from Dubna, we also have the Institute of Nuclear Physics … – I started.

– We know, we know … – The guard answered, – you have our branch at Dubna.

I am almost suffocated by such impudence:

– Wait a minute! – I say – This is our branch, by the way!

– I agree, I agree … wrong. “The guard has fallen.”

– So, I say, I’m going from here to Moscow to Lake Baikal, and I would like to send a letter over the Internet …

“Calling now, looking for someone else over there …”

– Call and say that you come from Dubna, to check the work of the “branch” … – I decided to joke.

– Hello! Here, I have a young man from Dubna … he needs the internet … yes … I give up.

– Hello! I’m hitchhiking here in Baikal. – We hear it very badly – I would like to send a letter to Dubna telling her that I am at Akademgorodok … What does it mean they will not miss it ?! (wink to the guard) Do not miss this opportunity! Now come down with me? Well, wait …

At the Institute of Nuclear Physics of Academgorodok.

When taking a floppy disk, put the backpack in a guard. He took two “free winds”: one – vakhtershe, “in developed form” instead of a laissez-passer, the other – to the person with whom he spoke on the phone.

A bearded man comes down. I say “it’s me, let’s go”. He drove me to a computer where a program is already running. It turns out he decided that since I’m from JINR, I can immediately connect to our server …

I had to explain that I was not a physicist, but a traveler, and that the “mailbox” was not in the Institute, but on the free chat.ru server. For a long time, a bearded physicist could not understand how this e-mail could be free; moreover, he did not have a single computer in the department with WINDOWS installed, not to mention the Internet programs I know. Thank god we have determined the field you need to enter the address and send a message.

Another guard sits on the watch, reads “VV” At my request, he takes pictures of me in the background of the entrance of the Institute, I stop Toitoto and leave Akademgorodok for the route.

The movement is intense, there are many cars without passengers, but the old “Zhiguli” stops, in which the woman is sitting next to the driver and behind them is a small child. (The case itself is unique because drivers with children stop very rarely!) I look in the living room and … I freeze, the main character of my favorite movie “Forest Gump” looks at me from the driver’s seat! And the child is like him! … Am I really overheated in the sun, really ?! No Smiles as in the movie, same rustic look, hairstyle … Let’s go.

I look at myself in the mirror and can not stand:

– I beg your pardon, and you did not watch such an American movie “Forest Gump”?

– Not yet.

– Sorry, but you look a lot like the main character! …

– Yes, many have already told me – Smiles like “on command” – Yes, I still can not buy anything.

Ugh! Thanks my God! I have no hallucinations – I am in good health.

We say goodbye already in the city. I ask permission to photograph all three – because nobody will believe! And in an hour, I’ll doubt myself … Another sitistop at Vlad’s house. After dinner, they talked about the foreign hitchhiker. We say goodbye (in the morning, I will not wake him up) and sleep.

In the region of Irkutsk Taishet
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