Boat houses

In the morning we go by bus to Canto. It is a big city, but we are staying in a nice hotel on the outskirts, close to the Kairang Floating Market. (Nha Hang Khach San An Binh - continued at 17 dollars). The Mekong Delta is a huge labyrinth of canals, islands, swamps and mangroves. Before flowing into the South China Sea, the Mekong is divided into 9 major branches. Delta is a rural area that lives in almost complete off-road conditions. the main means of transport here is therefore the boat. The boat often fulfills the functions of store and house. Go for a walk. Ask for the price of coconut juice and cane. Prices are ridiculous, 25 cents. In Hanoi, sellers do not want to give less than $ 1.5 to $ 2 per drink. In other cities. We pass houses, shops, workshops. All life (as elsewhere in Vietnam) - at the sight, the doors are open, you can see how people cook, rest, repair boats, make something ... This "company" does not knit brooms, it makes pretty coffins. We go to houses, workshops, shops. I'm hungry, I see eggs for sale, make me fry 3 pieces (other travelers still do not want to eat). The hostess fries and puts an egg in three plates. She does not even think a person will immediately eat three eggs. )) She thought one egg each. (Although her daughter speaks English and is told that I am only 3 eggs.) That's all I'm saying to the fact that, in my opinion, the Vietnamese eat a little bit. Rice, a kind of top and some meat. I do not remember seeing a visibly full Vietnamese. What kind of frivolous portion? How can "our" tourist eat such a portion? twins in one of the houses. We are going to the market. see all kinds of interesting products. In this thing, similar to a shower watering can, inside something similar to pea taste. noodles sold for some reason in the wet. Near the market, we take a taxi and drive to the city center. We rent a boat for a 2 hour walk along the river and canals. It starts to rain, then it becomes very strong for a moment, which makes the ride only more interesting. Above us awning, but the driver of the taxi boat in the rain, ignoring him completely. On the way there are very big boats. It is amazing that such large boats are made of wood, not metal. more beautiful beaches without "houses", at the end of the walk, we pass under a large bridge. Get out of the boat. We go to the nearest restaurant. We are wet, but the waitress turns the fan on our table to full capacity. She is clearly uncomfortable because there is no air conditioning above the table and she can only offer us a big fan.
Vietnamese Army
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