Chinese beach of Vietnam

After the marble mountains, we go to the "Chinese beach". The beach is considered white sand, but I would not call it white compared to Mexican beaches. Tourists organizing luggage from Russia are encountered on the beach. "Package" is bored at the hotel. They have already visited a couple, tours accessible by distance, and now they do not know what to do other than tanning on the beach. Wondering about our itinerary and our expenses, they state the following sentence: "it means that the tourist of Pegasus has warmed us". On the beach a lot of unusual round shape fishing boats. More like another beach 5 km from Hoi An. I will write about it a little later. The next day, excursion to Mi Shon. Mi Shon is a city of the ancient Cham civilization. (4th century AD) The three main temples are dedicated to Lingam, the male organ of Shiva. The organ of Shiva. Interesting method of construction facilities. The resin of some tree species has been used as a binder. Once the masonry walls and arches were completed, firewood lay at the base of the building and was set on fire. Following the additional firing of the brick and the sintering of the resin, the laying of the walls turned into a monolith. For several months, the building cooled down. Then, the sculptors removed the upper layer, smoke, accidentally cutting reliefs. Unfortunately, the bad Americans did not care about bombing and no exceptions were made for the monuments. As a result, the city has suffered. And when the restorers tried to restore fragments of the structures, it appeared that the new walls placed on the cement mortar lost their presentation in the decades since the restoration. And the walls resting on the resin of the trees retain their strength and their appearance for centuries. The guide explains the difference between new and old walls. Bath for the preparation of sanctified water for ceremonies. This "good" flew into the temple but did not explode and was left as an exhibit, bomb funnel, about 15 m in diameter. After the ruins of Mi Shona, boat ride on the river. Water - unreal color, beautiful. Interesting information is available on the boat trip rates poster. About the capacity of the boats. The capacity of such a boat "among Europeans" or "Vietnamese". "The maximum capacity is 6 Vietnamese or 3 foreigners." Yet they are small compared to us. A tourist in weight and size is equivalent to two Vietnamese. they are non-tourist boats, the fare is 5 cents. Kudai Beach, we loved more than the Chinese. It is located 5 km from Hoi An. I arranged with my family living in the house in front of our hotel that we would get there by motorbike, then at the agreed time and brought back to the hotel. Negotiated by person. Only 4 tracks (!): The first is at the beach, then the biker must return to town, and the evening return to the beach and return to the city with passengers. In general, the Vietnamese are trying not to miss the opportunity to win between 1 and 2 dollars. It's nice that the beach with palm trees is nice to attack on the sand and just beautiful.
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