Day Five : Zlatoust and its Geological Surroundings

Early in the morning we saw the sun at the window. Then he disappeared.

Rain …

In the morning, I wanted memories. Started with an engraving workshop. Krasiiiiivo . But expensive.

Yesterday, while driving in the city, we saw an advertisement for a weapons factory. Today we went to the address provided. We arrived by car. There was a stone-cutting workshop on the factory’s territory and a number of stonefalls near the fence. All so we do not bother with Mom half an hour – we collect stones. There is such a jasper! Every tile polishes – one picture and more! They took a lot, Lech swore.

They took us to the factory, there was a showroom, where you can buy any exhibition you like. This is where our eyes ran! Especially loved Damascus steel – very beautiful.

Of course, they did not leave without the knife! Lech happy – everything is fine – you can still go for the stones.

Marble quarry near Medvedka village . Yes, no, not for marble 🙂 We needed this:

” Perovskite . A group of black crystals of dodecahedral rhombic habitus with faces of cubes up to 2 cm with magnetite octahedra on a skarn rock with clinochlore . Size of the sample: 16 cm. Marble quarry near the village of Medvedevka , 10 km north of the town of Zlatoust . “These fucking cubes (the” quadrangles “, as Anton called them) were searched for several hours in different parts of the quarry. And more importantly – they found it after all … But it turned out that it was very difficult to forge a piece of this die from a huge rock. It’s almost impossible, since the geological hammer was left in the car. They walked, walked, dug, dug … They came out, of course, a couple, but not at all the museum specimens we had on the photo.

But Anton and Sasha rolled in abundance among the mountains of marble sand! Then we have long cleared this white sand of shoes, clothes and seats of children …

Next was Taganay . In general, Taganay is composed of 3 mountain ranges – Large, Medium and Small Taganay . And Taganay is a national park, where cars are not allowed. On foot – please, many routes, if you wish – for a day, leave if you wish – take a backpack, a tent and a week. Slazit like in the mountains. But time interfered and completely refused to walk in that time Sasha.

Well, at least on the smallest slide …

We drove to the gate with the inscription “National Park”, went for roads, or at least who knows where the road leads.

It turned out that there is even a museum here, which no longer works. A spiritual aunt met who told us where to go in the rain and the pressure of time, and also sold us a bandanna with a Taganaya card (to which Sanya said that “there are no cards on the head”).

Of the two routes proposed by aunt, we chose Black Rock, from which, in good weather, all the Taganay should be clearly visible. We sit in the car, go to the specified location. We define the coordinates of the summit from the purchased park map to the gi-pi-es – and we are moving forward!

At one point, the trail diverges in two. “There!” Orders Lech confidently, looking at the computer. We go there cheerfully. We sing around the swamp. Above the rain. Gore is not visible in front. I feel like going down. Nothing, coming soon! Finally, let’s climb the real mountain! No, we will not go in … “That’s all, Alenka (we call him J-pi-es), we’re there,” Lech said darkly. Looked around – the swamp around … Maybe the coordinates are inaccurate? We decided to go further, then a little more … And then the path was suddenly over.

Let’s go back to where the paths have piled up. The second attempt was more successful . There is an elevator! Come !

In the wet bushes by the side of the road, I see mushrooms, I can not pass, climb, pick up, slide up, mushrooms in hand. Sliding … Anton with the grandmother in front, they do not pick mushrooms, they have a purpose – they climb! Then Antoshka comes back – “We were already upstairs! It’s great there! Finally, we get up too. Around everything in the fog, but very beautiful !

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