Eighth day: Seven brothers

In the morning it’s nice. Slowly, have your breakfast, decide what we are looking at today.
We are again drawn to the mountains. We organize a trip to Miass, look for a travel agency and find the most interesting route there.

The daughter of the travel agency seduces us with various hikes, trips and rallies. We are constantly trying to transfer the conversation to mines, quarries and minerals … Finally, we understand that it is time to end the conversation, politely promise to think about his suggestions and come back to the car to search on the map described by the girl. places.

We want to go to Golukha, but it turns out that where the road to Golukha begins, our map ends. We decide to go to another mountain listed on the map. The choice falls on Semibratka, it is in the region of Zlatoust.

We arrived, walked along the forest trails, looked for mountains … At least one maaaalenky pointer …

The seven summits are seven mountain ranges, one after the other. We conquered the first three. Pofotkalis above. Lech taught Sanka to climb the mountains, loves Sanka, herself descended like a big one. Basically, they caught lizards and frogs.

On the way back, Sanya had a tantrum, did not want to go, tried our patience. The first could not stand Lech – he had to drag her in his arms to the car. Sasha is happy with herself.

In the evening, Lech dipped (he was hot in his hydrushka!), And we were jealous. Eventually, they could not stand it and threw themselves into the water too. The water is ice … The whole evening was proud of their heroic act !

Third day: Radauti-Bran (Bucovina to Transylvania)
Second day: Kiev-Radauti (Romania)