Exchange in Kurgan

I woke up at 6 in the morning. I went to the nearest village, washed my well water. It’s hot, it n ‘there was no rain for over a week. As soon as he arrived at yesterday’s place, he immediately took the MAZ for 120 km. The driver drove from Chelyabinsk to Petukhovo . On the way, we discussed the circulation of transit vehicles through Kazakhstan. The driver assured me that most cars were traveling north to Makushino and traveling to Omsk, around Kazakhstan. According to him, the four customs are a very serious problem for public transport vehicles (checks, requisitions, cavils , etc.). It is much easier to make a detour from 300 to 400 km than to waste time, nerves and money crossing borders. According to this theory, he landed me at 9:15 am at the intersection of the Makushino – Chastoozerye road and recommended taking cars in a straight and left line, the main thing being that they go to Omsk.

I thanked the driver for helpful information, although I did not know how to stop in both directions. There were few cars. Milk tanker in Petukhovo , I decided to let go. Standing in front of the intersection, I opened the atlas and started thinking about new actions, in case the long-range machines would not show up. I see here a convoy of long-range trucks approaching. I prepared to stop, but unexpectedly, the trucks stopped before reaching me 25 meters. Did they take me for a traffic officer?

Meanwhile, the drivers of the three cars came out of the taxis and gathered, pointing their fingers at their Atlas of the USSR. I realized that they are tormented by the same problems as me. Approaching and welcoming, I offered them my modest services, since I had an atlas of 97-98 and, in addition, the last driver who arrived explained to me on the map the route to follow to cross the Tyumen region. . As a result, the drivers decided to cross the neighboring area, with the intention of traveling on the 1P402 highway in the area of ​​the city of Ishim. I loaded into the second car at 9:45, our column is gone. Composition of the column: three VOLVO trucks were transported from St. Petersburg to Omsk, an alcohol factory in Germany, and Mercedes from Moscow went to Novosibirsk .

For the village of Belyakovsky on the road was an excellent asphalt. After this village – 30 km. dusty primer , in pieces, however, once also as old asphalt. As I expected, the worst was at the border of two regions. As soon as we crossed the village of Berdyuzhie (already in the Tyumen Oblast), a good road immediately began, through which we ran “with a breeze” to Ishim itself. At 12h-50h, we reached the entry point of Ishim, but we were sent back by the “road inspection” towards Tyumen. I had to leave Tyumen to go to the village of Tobolovo . There we moved F / D transfer and went to Tyumen -Omsk road .

Soon stopped eating. For the drivers, it was a lunch-dinner, for a hitchhiker – breakfast-lunch. Cooked on a gas stove with a meat soup and fried potatoes. Makes a salad of cucumbers, tomatoes and homemade sour cream. For my shy attempts to suggest using at least my sugar or my tea (we say it will be easier to carry a backpack later, and in general, all this given at the Festival), the pilots have signaled of the hand: “… It is still necessary to cut and see in Baikal!”

The road to Omsk is very good. But unlike the Siberian road, there were no villages on this road, and therefore no wells, a café- shalychen and other services. Only 40 kilometers before Omsk, we were able to buy mineral water in a village shop.

At 19-30, entered Omsk. The drivers stopped on the guarded parking lot, from there I called the Omsk records. I could easily accept the Moscow driver tomorrow to go to Novosibirsk, but I really wanted to see Omsk, I was afraid that even a tomorrow was not enough. Goodbye to the guards and the drivers, at 8 pm, I vote in a busy street towards the center.

Slow down the jeep immediately with two young guys:

– … will you come?

– no problem. Come chervonets and take.

– Yes, I explained that the hitchhiker, that means that I left without money …

– Haha! Hitchhiking! Yes, no one will take you from here!

“We’ll see that later,” I do not answer with less confidence, “let’s say in five minutes I will not be here!”

– Oh, come on! Come on the gold coin ?!

I had no particular desire to argue for money.

– of course. Only when I catch you?

– And we will stay here.

– Tuck a little on the side, otherwise you have blocked the whole place for me …

GAZYK goes five meters away, gets up on the sidewalk, the dimensions come out and two rather smiling faces look out the open door …

I watch all this “out of the corner of my eye” and I wave my hand in front of the ” Zhigulis “, stop.

– Good evening I am a traveler from the Moscow region to Irkutsk food. And now, I need Green Boulevard. If you are on the way, will you give an elevator?

– Actually, I’m in the garage … (and why did he stop if he went to the garage ?!)

– Well, at least before you turn to your garage, and there I’ll catch something else …

– Well … sit down.

I sit down and make a pen in the jeep. I do not need your gold coin. I will live without her. As Anton Krotov puts it : “The wise do not need money, but with money, you’ll get a fool anywhere …” The guys are almost surprised by the cockpit. Eyes “on the penny”, show after thumb (to the Shanin ), I understand them without the words: “Autostop – great !”

While talking to the hitchhiker, he had already driven his garage. We went to turn on Green Boulevard and, turning, we went back, telling me where to vote on the boulevard.

He crossed the street to the position – Moskvich stopped. This driver asked me about my attitude towards God. In the Moscow subway, this question means that a person “earns a living” by bringing new believers to a sect, but here this person is already taking me to where I am asking him. Why not talk … While I was explaining “briefly” my understanding of Religion and Faith, it seemed to me that he was walking around the boulevard for too long, then turned and stopped in the courtyards. It was the evangelist who hoped that I could be “transformed” into “good faith”.

Finally, he dropped me off at the house I needed, endowing myself with sectarian literature and saying with a sigh that “… my heart is not open.”

When I was dining at Vniska , I learned that the local time was already midday; Three hours difference with Moscow!

In the region of Irkutsk Taishet
On locomotives – faster ?