First day Texas way

The first day of a big trip. And a day so wonderful and so wonderful that if it's the beginning of the trip, everything will be wonderful. The discovery that passes me every day, every minute - how many wonderful, kind and unselfish people are there, ready to help you like that. From the beginning of the day. Michael, my college student, where I teach Russian to strangers, who woke up heroically at 8 am to get me the key to my room and things like that. Shadi (Arabic teacher and my friend), who went to the airport with a moving air, made sure that I did not forget my passport and other important items. The man at the airport, who explained everything that was not clear and helped to remove the backpack. Cookies on the plane. A little, but nice! Funny note - the television on the plane for free broadcast as comedies or series, but the feature films had to be purchased. And one more thing - it is impossible to turn off the screen (and you have it right in front of your nose), so even if there is an advertisement, the brain will have to be filled with garbage. And on the tail and wings of all planes, photographs of animals taken by Frontier Airlines. Before Denver, we stole a wolf, and in Houston, he seems to be a fox. Funny Just weather safety issues. Finally, Janet (an occasional passenger on the plane, to whom I asked the question about the bus stop) and her husband, who took me to the hostel, left their phone just in case where, they chatted with me all the time. This surprisingly comfortable inn, where, apart from me, there is no one in the room, where the charming woman and her touching old mother, who has decorated everything so amazingly, have created the house. This is not a hostel, it's true, the house is comfortable, warm, neat, incredibly simple. She said she was hungry, it turned out that all the stores in the neighborhood were already closed, I was fed a vegetable soup. An elegant and sparkling Christmas tree, a piano, paintings in old frames, a collection of unusual mirrors, such as a pretty mistress, Aunt Don (she introduces herself). And why am I here for only two days ?
Fourth Day Houston Road to New Orleans
Third day in Houston

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