Memorable Excursion to Vietnam

Well, since we stayed at Hoi Ana for 4 days, some more photos were taken at Hoi Ana: my larvae are the most delicious!

In Vietnam, similar volumetric relief paintings are common. They decorate the corridors of hotels and are sometimes installed inside the rooms. The city is calm and the seller fell asleep at the workplace.

Lena does not want to leave Hoi An, she particularly loves this city. But the tickets have already been bought and you have to continue the trip.

At the time of departure, heavy rains fall on the city. The problem is even to run 5 meters from the taxi to the canopy of the bus station. During the shower, the water level can reach the knees in places.

The bus tickets we buy at the hotel. We are driven to the bus station by taxi at the expense of the bus company. In the bus stations, special employees help to bring luggage back into the building, then into the bus, while keeping an umbrella on the luggage.

But we see that with such a shower, the luggage of other tourists are still wet, so we put the bags on our bags.

For a few seconds, the water level on the road increases sharply, the motorcycles begin to “flow”.

The bus goes 3 hours to Hue. The bus is lying, the “beds of planks” are located on two floors. The cane is rid of its bark before squeezing the juice. Apparatus for pressing the juice of the cane.

Judging by the reviews, you must be careful when choosing a taxi.

There are big honest companies. And there are small businesses or taxi cars, “mow” for well-known companies. Simulation of the proprietary color and the shape of the pilot.

Externally, the differences may be insignificant. For example, the phone number drawn on the car, an extra dot or not a number.

In the reports, tourists write that in such taxis, the readings on the counter increase at the speed of one dollar in 5 seconds!

We saw similar cars, and I almost got into such a cab (I already started putting the suitcase in the trunk!). So, I do not know how they have with the counter.

We almost always used the Mai Linh company. She works everywhere in Vietnam. (rate of half dollar per km) Vinasun is a bit more expensive.

Taxi Mai Linh. Taxi drivers in uniform and company tie.

We liked it so much that when we got back to Kiev, and the Kiev taxi drivers started harassing us at the train station, I made it clear that we only took the Mai Linh taxi!

We arrive by bus to Hue. Hue is the old capital. Hue has its own Forbidden City (residence of the emperors), created in the image of the Forbidden City of Beijing.

The tombs of the emperors are located near Hue. In the central part of Hue are the citadel and the imperial city. Nine sacred cannons. Thrown among the weapons captured by the enemies. The weight of each 10 tons.

Throne Room

In the throne room.

Many fish in the pond of the imperial city. For 25 cents you can buy food for the fish. If you throw a pinch of food, the water “boils”

Clothes of the emperor. The sleeves were made long. It is a symbol of what the emperor should not have done.

In the vicinity of Hue are several tombs of the emperors of Vietnam.

These are not just graves, but “funeral complexes” that include entire parks, with different buildings, lawns and ponds.

The territory of the tomb of the Emperor You Duc.

Vietnamese Army
In the courtyard of the museum …